TTerm Terminal Emulation for Linux

Today Turbosoft is pleased to announce we will soon be releasing TTerm For Linux, our terminal emulator for the Linux operating system. Updated: TTerm for Linux is now available!

Why Linux?

Over the years Turbosoft has received an increasing number of inquiries from Linux users and organizations utilizing Linux for terminal emulation software. In particular, enterprise users are looking for Linux solutions for specialized terminals and solutions that include a level of support that cannot be provided by community and open source alternatives.

Turbosoft’s years of experience in supplying emulation software on other platforms and in providing ongoing support to users ranging from individuals to large companies, educational institutions and government puts us an ideal position to meet those needs.

 TTerm for Linux, terminal emulation for TN3270, 5250, Unisys, Wyse and many more.

TTerm for Linux, terminal emulation for TN3270, 5250, Unisys, Wyse and many more.

What Linux distributions is TTerm for Linux available for?

Turbosoft offers official support for Ubuntu and Debian, Red Hat, CentOS and SuSE. For other distributions please contact us.

What terminals are included?

TTerm for Linux supports many terminals from IBM 3270 and IBM 5250 variants, Wyse, Stratus to Tandem, Hewlet Packard, DEC VT and many more. Communications are supported over telnet, SSH and Hewlett Packard’s NS/VT protocol. Full specifications are available on the TTerm For Linux page.

The great news is that all our software is built using a modular approach - the emulation components are identical regardless of platform. This means that emulations that have had years of real-world testing by thousands of users on Windows and other platforms are the same as supplied with TTerm for Linux, and you can be assured of their proven reliability and accuracy.

Can I use my configurations from TTWin in TTerm for Linux?

Yes, TTerm for Linux can import configuration (.twc) files from TTWin version 4.8 and above and configurations (.ttexp) from TTerm Connect. For information on how to import your existing configurations into TTerm for Linux please refer to this support article on importing configurations into TTerm for Linux.

Is a 32-bit version available?

No. TTerm for Linux is supplied as a 64-bit application only.

Where can I see the full specifications?

Detailed specifications and feature support are available from the TTerm For Linux product page or in the product brochure. Please contact Turbosoft with any queries.

How is TTerm for Linux priced?

Pricing depends on factors such as the emulations required and user numbers. Turbosoft also takes a flexible approach to licensing to best cater to our customer’s needs - available options include per seat, subscription, concurrent and site, region or company wide licensing. Read more about our flexible licensing and contact us to discuss options. Optional maintenance and priority support is also available.

Can I download a demo?

Yes! Obligation free downloads are now available from our trial software download page and come with a 30 day evaluation license, during which time the software is fully functional. Downloads will be available as .deb and .rpm packages for Red Hat, CentOS, Ubuntu, SuSE and openSuSE .

 TTerm For Linux Details and Specifications
 Datasheet (PDF)
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