Terminal emulation for embedded systems, thin clients and portable devices.

TTWinCE - For scanners, thin clients, embedded and small form factor devices.

For scanners, thin clients, embedded and small form factor devices.

Expand the use of your Windows CE or Windows Mobile device by giving it access to your host system.

TTWinCE has been developed specifically for the hand held and Windows based terminal market and excells in barcode scanning and warehousing type applications or on thin client and small form factor devices that require host connectivity.

TTWinCE shares it's underlying emulation technology with Turbosoft's flagship Windows terminal emulator TTWin 4 and, like TTWin 4 supports more than 80 different terminal emulations.

As with all of Turbosoft's products, TTWinCE is a high quality product backed by outstanding technical support.

Supported Operating Systems
  •  Windows CE 4.x, 5.x, 6,x
  •  Windows Mobile 2003 and above
Communications Modules
  •  Telnet
  •  Serial

Please note that this software is not compatible with the Windows Phone® range of operating systems (Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 10) and has not been designed for use with current Microsoft powered consumer smartphones.

Supported Terminals

TTWinCE supports the following terminal emulations

Manufacturer Terminal Emulation
ADDS ADDS2020 Viewpoint Mode
ADDS Viewpoint
ANSIEA - ANSI Extended Attributes
Bull Bull VIP 7800
Data General DG 210/211/216/216E
DG460-462/470 Character mode
DEC DEC VT 52/100/101/102
Fujitsu Fujitsu 6681
Hewlett Packard Hewlett Packard HP 2392A
Hewlett Packard HP 700/92
IBM IBM 3101
IBM 3151
IBM 3164 - Color
IBM 3270 TCP & SNA
IBM 5250
ICL ICL 7561
ICL VT220+
Liberty Liberty Freedom 1
McDonnell Douglas McDonnell Douglas P8/P9
McDonnell Douglas P12
McDonnell Douglas Micro Fusion 40
Prime Prime PT25
Prime PT250
Quantum Quantum QNX
Siemens Nixdorf Siemens Nixdorf 97801
Stratus Stratus V102
Stratus V103
Stratus V105
Tandem / HP NonStop Tandem T653x
Televideo Televideo TVI950
Televideo TVI955
Unisys Unisys T27
Unix ANSI SCO ANSI Color Console
Interactive Unix Color Console
Bell Tech. Unix Color Console
AT&T Unix Color Console
Wang Wang 2110
Wyse Wyse 50+
Wyse 60
Wyse 350
Trial Software
File File Size Notes Download
To download a free, fully functional demo of TTWinCE, please visit the trial software page.
File File Size Notes Download
TTWinCE Brochure and Specs Sheet 1.40 MB TTWinCE Overview - features and specifications.  Download
Manuals and Documentation
File File Size Notes Download
TTWinCE User Guide 1.49 MB TTWinCE User Manual  Download
TTWinCE QuickStart Guide 280 KB A guide to getting started with TTWinCE .  Download
Host Connectivity

Allows for a direct connection from the CE device or Windows based terminal to the host system.

Proven Technology

The Terminal Emulations that are available in TTWinCE are the most reliable and accurate on the market. The underlying emulation technologies behind TTWinCE are the same high quality and robust technologies powering TTWin, our flagship Terminal Emulator, a product which has undergone continuous development and refinement since 1993. This ensures that your users spend their time getting value from the CE Device, not finding ways around the shortcomings.

Widest range of emulations for CE in the market

Support for more than 80 different terminals giving your CE devices access to all hosts from the one product.

Support for scanners

TTWinCE has support for the built in scanners that come with many of the handheld devices.

Multiple Sessions

Multiple sessions may be run simultaneously.

Hot spot and screen panning

Screen hotspots may be defined allowing action to be initiated by touching the screen on devices which have "touch screen" interface.

Font configuration

Font type and size can be selected to provide better readability on LCD and colour displays.

Color configuration

Full colour configuration. Select from preconfigured colour sets or define your own for better readability.

Configuration password

Administrators can prevent users from accessing or changing device configuration. Minimizes support by eliminating unauthorized changes.

Device application lockdown

TTWinCE can be configured to run in full screen mode, utilising the entire display screen area and preventing the user from accessing other applications. Device can be configured to run up TTWinCE on power up and automatically connect to Host.

Keyboard mapping

Physical keys on the device or keyboard may be mapped to any emulation key, string or macro.

Auto session start

Sessions can be configured to auto connect on application startup.

Auto Login and Macros

Session may be configured to automatically log on to the host application on startup - reduces host application startup effort.

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