Terminal Emulation for Embedded Systems, Thin Clients & Portable Devices


TTWinCE has been developed specifically for the hand held and Windows based terminal market and excels in barcode scanning and warehousing type applications or on thin client and small form factor devices that require host connectivity.

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Terminal emulation for Windows CE powered devices
For Embedded Systems, Thin Clients & Portable Devices

Features and Benefits

Expand the use of your Windows CE or Windows Mobile device by giving it access to your host system.

Accurate, Proven Emulations

The underlying emulation technologies behind TTWinCE are the same high quality and robust technologies powering TTWin, our flagship Terminal Emulator, a product which has undergone continuous development and refinement since 1993. TTWinCE supports more than 80 different emulations, giving you complete connectivity from the one product.

Support For Scanners

TTWinCE has support for the built in scanners that come with many handheld devices.

Hotspots And Screen Panning

Screen hotspots may be defined allowing complex actions to be initiated by a simple button press enhancing the user experience, particularly on touchscreen devices..

Device Application Lockdown

TTWinCE can be configured to run in full screen mode, utilizing the entire display screen area and preventing the user from accessing other applications. Devices can be configured to launch TTWinCE on powering up and automatically connect to the host.

Configuration Password

Administrators can prevent users from accessing or changing device configuration. Minimize the support burden by eliminating unauthorized or accidental user changes.

Keyboard Mapping

Physical keys on the device or keyboard may be mapped to any emulation key, string or macro.

30 Years
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What Makes Turbosoft the Best Choice for Your Business?

Turbosoft has been a trusted partner to businesses around the globe for more than three decades. Organizations working in some of the world’s most demanding industries including healthcare, finance, telecommunications and defense choose Turbosoft’s terminal emulator programs because they know they can rely on them.

Precision-built and backed by one of the world’s most experienced emulation development teams, you can trust Turbosoft to deliver the tools your business needs to succeed.

Turbosoft is a highly experienced software company that continues to actively develop its terminal emulation solutions for modern devices and operating systems, and one you can trust to deliver the tools your business needs to succeed.