Terminal emulation OCX component toolkit.

TTWin Integrator

TTWin Integrator is Turbosoft's ActiveX (OCX) component for Windows Developers building and maintaining applications requiring terminal emulation.

With TTWin Integrator, host connectivity is tightly integrated into your application allowing for unprecedented flexibility in the management of data and state of the art look and feel whilst retaining all the benefits of the underlying platforms.

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Technical Specifications

Tightly Integrate Terminal Emulation Into Your Windows Application.

Over 80 Emulations Supported

The emulations you need are available in the one pack, at the one price. TTWin Integrator provides the power to create an individual environment to meet the specific needs without compromise, future proofing your organization.

OCX Component Interface

With the OCX Component Interface TTWin can be made a part of your external application. Through the interface the TTWin Integrator screens and functions may be accessed in a natural manner making it the ideal product for OEM or systems that require access to host information, but need to present a user interface consistent with today's generation of Windows applications.

Event Handling

Configurable event handlers allow you to easily create triggers for host application events.

Embed Emulation Window

Choose how the emulation window is presented in your application or hide the control and turn your legacy host application into a full GUI application, without changes to the host environment.

Fully Featured

TTWin Integrator comes with full code page support, DBCS Character Support for languages such as Chinese, Korean and Japanese, built in data security supporting SSL2, SSH3 and industry standard encryption and support for numerous emulations and communications protocols.

For licensing or technical queries please contact sales@ttwin.com.

TTWin Integrator
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Turbosoft has been a trusted partner to businesses around the globe for more than three decades. Organizations working in some of the world’s most demanding industries including healthcare, finance, telecommunications and defense choose Turbosoft’s terminal emulator programs because they know they can rely on them.

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Turbosoft is a highly experienced software company that continues to actively develop its terminal emulation solutions for modern devices and operating systems, and one you can trust to deliver the tools your business needs to succeed.