Terminal emulation OCX component toolkit.

Active X terminal emulation

Tightly integrate terminal emulation into your Windows application.

TTWin Integrator revolutionizes the way Windows® based applications access corporate systems on legacy hosts. With our OCX component host connectivity is tightly integrated into your Windows application allowing for unprecedented flexibility in the management of data and state of the art look and feel while retaining all the benefits of the platforms.

TTWin Integrator is extremely powerful yet simple to use. Integrator goes beyond simple screen scraping, and offers full control over the datastream, as well as presenting status information to the application.

All this is done without compromise in performance.

TTWin Integrator is the ideal product for OEM or systems that require access to host information, but need to present a user interface consistent with today's generation of Windows applications.

By using Integrator the application can transparently communicate with a number of different host applications, on a variety of different hosts. This can occur either visibly or invisibly, and places no restriction on the application. Performance benefits inherent in mainframe host based applications are retained, and data from a variety of host systems can be combined to be presented to the user in the most appropriate way. Updating host information is simplified because there is no need to re-enter redundant data.

Supported Operating Systems
  •  Windows 10
  •  Windows 8
  •  Windows 7
  •  Windows Server 2019
  •  Windows Server 2016
  •  Windows Server 2012
  •  Windows Server 2008
  •  64 and 32 bit versions available
Communications Modules
  •  SSH 2
  •  Telnet
  •  Telnet via SSL2/SSL3/TLS Tunnel
  •  Telnet via SSH Tunnel
  •  Serial
  •  Rlogin
  •  HP Network Services Virtual Terminal (NS/VT)
  •  Microsoft SNA server
  •  Netware for SAA
  •  IPv6 Support
File Transfer Modules
  •  FTP
  •  SFTP
  •  Kermit
  •  Xmodem
  •  Ymodem
  •  ZModem
  •  3287 printing for the IBM 3270 terminal
  •  3812 printing for the IBM 5250 terminal
  •  Support for pass through (auxiliary) printing
  •  TTWin Integrator can print to any Windows mapped printer.
Supported Terminals
Manufacturer Terminal Emulation
ADDS ADDS2020 Viewpoint Mode
ADDS Viewpoint
ANSIEA - ANSI Extended Attributes
Bull Bull VIP 7800
Data General DG 210/211/216/216E
DG460-462/470 Character mode
DEC DEC VT 52/100/101/102
Fujitsu Fujitsu 6681
Hewlett Packard Hewlett Packard HP 2392A
Hewlett Packard HP 700/92
IBM IBM 3101
IBM 3151
IBM 3164 - Color
IBM 3270 TCP & SNA
IBM 5250
ICL ICL 7561
ICL VT220+
Liberty Liberty Freedom 1
McDonnell Douglas McDonnell Douglas P8/P9
McDonnell Douglas P12
McDonnell Douglas Micro Fusion 40
Prime Prime PT25
Prime PT250
Quantum Quantum QNX
Siemens Nixdorf Siemens Nixdorf 97801
Stratus Stratus V102
Stratus V103
Stratus V105
Tandem / HP NonStop Tandem T653x
Televideo Televideo TVI950
Televideo TVI955
Unisys Unisys T27
Interactive UNIX Color Console
Bell Tech. UNIX Color Console
AT&T UNIX Color Console
Wang Wang 2110
Wyse Wyse 50+
Wyse 60
Wyse 350
Over 80 emulations in the one component

The emulations you need are available in the one pack, at the one price. TTWin Integrator provides the power to create an individual environment to meet the specific needs without compromise, future proofing your organization.

OCX Component Interface

With the OCX Component Interface TTWin can be made a part of your external application. Through the interface the TTWin Integrator screens and functions may be accessed in a natural manner.

Screen Scraping

With TTWin Integrator's OCX Control you can Screen Scrape information and represent the information as required.

Event Handling

Configurable event handlers allow you to easily create triggers for host application events.

Embed Emulation Window

You can choose how the emulation window is presented in your application. Or hide the control and turn your legacy host application into a full GUI application, with out changes to the host environment.

Multiple Instances

Add two or more controls to your application and connect to two hosts at once. You can connect to two or more hosts using different emulation and connection methods. Pass information automatically from one host to another. Get information from multiple host and present it on the one screen.

Data security. SSL2, SSH3

Turbosoft regards data security to be an essential part of a terminal session and as such, we supply industry standard encryption as standard rather than as an additional cost option.

Advanced Printing Support

TTWin Integrator has extensive support for print through. This function is totally configurable and implements print through in a way that is highly effective in every environment. Screen printing is also supported, allowing regions of the screen to be printed.

Extensive character set support

TTWin Integrator has powerful character selection facilities to cater for the complex character set requirements found in many languages. TTWin Integrator comes with full code page support. Emulations may use as many code pages as required. What's more, each emulation can do this independently from other sessions.

DBCS character support

TTWin Integrator offers full support for double byte character fonts, including Chinese, Korean, and Japanese language fonts.

Terminal configuration

The terminal characteristics can be modified for increased functionality. These include:

  •  Switch between 80 & 132 column mode
  •  Setting the number of lines per page
  •  Set the line jump scroll
  •  Change screen colors
Support for True Type Fonts and Automatic Font Scaling

TTWin offers support for True type fonts. To improve the legibility of TTWin Integrator sessions at a variety of sizes, Turbosoft has developed a algorithm to automatically scale the font size to best fit the size of the TTWin Integrator window.

Full keyboard re-mapping

The keyboard mapping is extremely flexible. Users can map text strings, host sequences or emulation keys to any key combination on a PC keyboard. With TTWin the keyboard mapping may be done either through the intuitive graphical keyboard mapper, or through the extremely powerful non-graphical method.

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