One of the most complex tasks associated with IT management these days is software licensing. Whilst some companies are using license fine print to raise their revenue over the course of many years, Turbosoft is taking a different approach.

As it has always done in the past, Turbosoft forms partnerships with its clients to ensure that it provides them with the best product at a competitive price. Turbosoft strives to make every effort to ensure that the license it provides is as close a fit to the clients licensing needs as possible. As such our licensing is flexible and can be tailored to suit the specific needs of clients. Some of our licensing options include:

  •  Standard user licensing, per installation.
  •  Concurrent user licensing.
  •  Subscription based licensing.
  •  Unlimited and site licenses.

Let's look at each of those in detail:

Standard User License

Traditionally, the standard user license is based on the total number of installations made. A licensee must ensure that the total number of installations made does not exceed the total number of licenses purchased. Pricing for this model is offered on a sliding scale and volume discounts apply. Contact Turbosoft or your reseller for more than 20 licenses as discounts are available that are not accessible through our online store.

Concurrent Licensing

This is a very cost effective method of licensing Turbosoft products and is a perfect fit where products like TTWin 4 are to be installed in Remote Desktop Services, VDI and Citrix environments. With Concurrent licensing, a licensee needs to ensure that the total number of users, at any one time, does not exceed the total number of licenses purchased.

Subscription Licensing

Subscription licensing can be an ideal alternative to outright purchase in certain situations. For example, when a legacy system is being retired and the need for terminal emulation is short term. Or perhaps a system is being gradually phased out and it is known that the number of users will decline over a fixed period.

One of the main benefits of Subscription based licensing is a low upfront cost and flexible subscription periods.

Unlimited or Site Wide Licensing

For larger companies, the cost of monitoring licensing can be an exceptionally expensive exercise and in some cases, can cost more that the actual software product being deployed. Apart from the expense, license managers can feel as though they are walking through minefields when trying to resolve license issues with certain vendors where interpretations of the license rules seem to favor the vendor.

To assist in the license managing effort of larger clients, Turbosoft offers unlimited enterprise wide licensing that can be purchased on either a local (country or region) or global basis.

To discuss licensing options, emulation replacement and crossgrades, educational/non-profit discounts and more, please get in touch with your Turbosoft representative, reseller or contact us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..