A Desktop-Quality Emulator in a Centrally Managed Browser-Based Environment

Centrally managed, browser based HTML5 terminal emulator. Any host, any device.

TTerm Connect, HTML5 terminal emulation

TTerm Connect is Turbosoft’s terminal emulator for the web. Built on common web technologies and standards such as HTML5 and JavaScript, TTerm Connect requires no Java, no ActiveX controls and no end user installation. Connect your users with nothing more than a modern web browser, on a desktop or on the go.

Access your Host System from Any Online Device

TTerm Connect offers its own client front end, a web based replacement for a desktop terminal emulator, or if you want to go your own way, TTerm Connect will integrate into your existing website or page.

Your users can seamlessly transition from one device to another, transferring a session from a tablet or mobile device to another desktop or device and pickup up from exactly where you left off. Not only is this convenient, but in challenging environments such as warehouse facilities or factory floors where WIFI dropouts may be an issue, TTerm Connect maintains the host connection so that your users can jump back in.

Built in management tools enable real time user and session monitoring and smart features such as 'shadowing' let help desk staff step in and assist end users or gracefully disconnect a host session.

Speak to a Turbosoft consultant today to discuss how we could integrate TTerm Connect into your workplace, deploying a flexible and consistent emulator experience to desktops, notebooks and mobile devices.

Client Component

The TTerm Connect client simply requires any modern HTML5 capable browser with JavaScript enabled. While almost any browser should work the following are explicitly supported.

  •  Microsoft Edge®
  •  Mozilla Firefox®
  •  Google Chrome®
  •  Apple Safari®
Communications Modules
  •  SSH 2
  •  Telnet
  •  Telnet via SSL2/SSL3/TLS Tunnel
  •  Telnet via SSH Tunnel
  •  HP Network Services Virtual Terminal (NS/VT)
Automation Tools
  •  Macros
  •  Host initiated macros
  •  Hotspots
  •  Automated login capability
  •  3287 printing for the IBM 3270 terminal
  •  3812 printing for the IBM 5250 terminal
  •  Screen printing by region/selection/entire screen

Server Component

The server component is available for both Windows and Linux based servers, specifically Centos and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Exact hardware requirements will depend largely on the number of concurrent host sessions you anticipate running. The specifications below assume a site serving up to 200 concurrent host sessions. For larger site requirements please Contact Turbosoft.

  •  Windows 64 bit: Win8, Win10 desktop, or Windows Server 2008+
  •  RAM: 400Mb free
  •  Disk: 400Mb free
  •  Support for Apache and IIS.
  •  Linux 64bit: Centos 7/8 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7/8
  •  RAM: 400Mb free
  •  Disk: 400Mb free
  •  Support for Apache.
Supported Terminals

The table below illustrates the range of terminals emulated by TTerm Connect.

Manufacturer Terminal Emulation
ADDS -ADDS2020 Viewpoint Mode
-ADDS Viewpoint
ANSI -ANSI - X3.64
-ANSIEA - ANSI Extended Attributes
Bull -Bull VIP 7800
Data General -DG 210/211/216/216E
-DG460-462/470 Character mode
DEC -DEC VT 52/100/101/102
-DEC VT220
-DEC VT320
-DEC VT340
-DEC VT420
Fujitsu -Fujitsu 6681
Hewlett Packard -Hewlett Packard HP 2392A
-Hewlett Packard HP 700/92
IBM -IBM 3101
-IBM 3151
-IBM 3164 - Color
-IBM 3270 TCP & SNA
-IBM 5250
ICL -ICL 7561
-ICL VT220+
Liberty -Liberty Freedom 1
McDonnell Douglas -McDonnell Douglas P8/P9
-McDonnell Douglas P12
-McDonnell Douglas Micro Fusion 40
Prime -Prime PT25
-Prime PT250
Quantum -Quantum QNX
Siemens Nixdorf -Siemens Nixdorf 97801
Stratus -Stratus V102
-Stratus V103
-Stratus V105
Tandem / HP NonStop -Tandem T653x
Televideo -Televideo TVI950
-Televideo TVI955
Unisys -Unisys T27
-Interactive UNIX Color
-Bell Tech. UNIX Color
-AT&T UNIX Color
Wang -Wang 2110
Wyse -Wyse 50+
-Wyse 60
-Wyse 350
Trial Software
File File Size Notes Download
To download a free trial or virtual machine visit the trial software page.
File File Size Notes Download
TTerm Connect Brochure and Specs Sheet 1.10 MB TTerm Connect Overview – features and specifications  Download
Manuals and Documentation
File File Size Notes Download
TTerm Connect Installation Guide 2.85 MB A guide to installing TTerm Connect.  Download
TTerm Connect QuickStart Guide 2.48 MB A guide to getting started with TTerm Connect.  Download
TTerm Connect HTML5 Desktop client

Multisession capable HTML5 client.

Any Host, Any Device

TTerm Connect includes a lightweight browser-based client as a desktop emulator replacement. It offers all the power and functionality of a desktop product - including multi-session capability - without the need for a client installation. Built on standard web technologies such as JavaScript and HTML5, TTerm Connect can run on virtually any device.

Embed TTerm Connect in your own webpages

...or embed in your own webpage.

Integrate With Your existing Website or Intranet

Use the supplied desktop client or embed TTerm Connect directly into your existing website. Present host connectivity in your corporate branding and fully tailor the way you present the host environment to your end users. Utilize a JavaScript API for further integration and to add controls and data entry elements.

Unrivaled Emulation Support

TTerm Connect is a fully featured product and a worthy replacement for traditional desktop terminal emulator software. supports a wide range of communications protocols and terminals including IBM 5250, IBM 3270, Wyse, HPE NonStop (Tandem), DEC VT series emulations and many more. TTerm Connect also offers advanced functionality like macros, full keyboard remapping, Hotspots for mouse or touch interaction, DBCS support, pass through printing and much, much more.

Session Persistence

When working in challenging environments like warehouse or factory floors WIFI dropouts can be detrimental to reliable host connectivity. TTerm Connect maintains your end user host connection at the server level and allows clients to seamlessly reconnect and continue working once online service has been restored.

Centralized web based management.

Centralized web based management.

Centralized Web Based Administration

Centralized web based management allows user and group level access control and gives administrators the power to configure, manage and monitor user activity in real time.

LDAP/Active Directory Support

Support for Microsoft Active Directory and LDAP integration.

Highly Scalable

From small user bases through to company-wide, regional, or global requirements, TTerm Connect is capable of servicing the terminal emulation needs of thousands of concurrent users. TTerm Connect can deploy either as a single stand-alone server or across multiple servers with built in redundancy and load balancing.

Transfer for one device to another.

Take your sessions with you - transfer between devices.

Device Transfer

Moving from a laptop to a desktop, from a phone to a tablet? No problem - TTerm Connect lets you securely and seamlessly transition from one device to another, maintaining your host connections and allowing you to continue working from where you left off.


TTerm Connect is licensed based on the number of concurrent users. Discounts are available to non-profit organisations and recognized educational institutions.

JavaScript API For Greater Control

Advanced integration is available via a JavaScript API, enabling full control over the terminal data-stream and functionality that goes well beyond simply screen scraping.

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