Terminal Emulation Library for .NET

TTerm for .NET

TTerm for .NET offers developers a comprehensive API for building and maintaining applications with a terminal emulator component.

Powerful yet simple, TTerm for .NET goes beyond basic screen scraping, and offers full control over the datastream, as well as presenting status information to the application.

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Robust, Flexible & Easy to Deploy

Proven Emulations

Full control of more than 80 proven terminals. Turbosoft takes a modular approach to software and the emulations in TTerm for .NET are the same as those across our range of terminal emulation software, tested by many years of real world use, your guarantee of accuracy and reliability.

Excellent Documentation and Technical Support

Choosing Turbosoft means choosing a company that understands terminal emulation - it's our core business. Partner with us and receive access to prompt, knowledgeable and accurate support from a team that is actively updating and enhancing our products.

Broad Support

Compatible with .NET framework version 4.5 and newer and Visual Studio 2012 and newer.

For licensing or technical queries please contact sales@ttwin.com.

TTerm for .NET
30 Years
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What Makes Turbosoft the Best Choice for Your Business?

Turbosoft has been a trusted partner to businesses around the globe for more than three decades. Organizations working in some of the world’s most demanding industries including healthcare, finance, telecommunications and defense choose Turbosoft’s terminal emulator programs because they know they can rely on them.

Precision-built and backed by one of the world’s most experienced emulation development teams, you can trust Turbosoft to deliver the tools your business needs to succeed.

Turbosoft is a highly experienced software company that continues to actively develop its terminal emulation solutions for modern devices and operating systems, and one you can trust to deliver the tools your business needs to succeed.