A Comprehensive Terminal Emulator for Linux® Desktop Systems.

TTerm terminal emulation for linux

TTerm for Linux is Turbosoft’s high quality terminal emulation software for desktops and devices running Linux operating systems.

TTerm for Linux offers users a high degree of configurability, session control, screen enhancing capabilities, productivity tools and the widest range of terminal coverage.

As terminal emulation specialists, Turbosoft products are built with a modular approach, meaning that the terminals emulated in TTerm for Linux are the same as supplied with our Windows software, our iPad terminal emulator, our industrial and handheld device software and so on.

You can be assured that your emulation is accurate and robust, the result of years of development, testing and real-world use.

Like all Turbosoft products, TTerm for Linux is backed by outstanding support available via telephone, internet and e-mail. Turbosoft’s level of technical support is prompt, accurate and available when you need it earning us a worldwide reputation as being second to none.

A Specialist Terminal Emulator Developer 

Since 1988, Turbosoft has been a partner to organizations around the globe, providing the tools and support they need to make full use of their legacy systems. Our sole focus is terminal emulation – this dedication ensures the highest levels of emulation accuracy and the widest terminal support, delivering a superior experience for users in every industry. 

For businesses requiring terminal emulation across a range of operating systems, we highly recommend TTerm Connect. Our latest product, TTerm Connect is a fully platform-agnostic terminal emulator, running entirely within the browser of your choice. Offering the same features as any of our local clients, TTerm Connect is the online terminal emulator users on Linux, Mac, Windows and mobile devices can rely on. 

If you’re interested in learning more about TTerm for Linux, TTerm Connect or any of the products in the Turbosoft family, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Download a free trial of TTerm for Linux today or make an enquiry via our contact page – our staff will be happy to answer your questions.

System Requirements
  •  ~50MB of disc space
  •  Network connection
Supported Linux Distributions
  •  Ubuntu 16+
  •  SUSE 12 SP2+
  •  OpenSUSE 42+
  •  Red Hat 7+
  •  CentOS 7+
Communications Modules
  •  SSH 2
  •  Telnet
  •  Telnet via SSL2/SSL3/TLS Tunnel
  •  Telnet via SSH Tunnel
  •  HP Network Services Virtual Terminal (NS/VT)
  •  IPv6 Support
Emulation Features
  •  Full Keyboard Mapping
  •  Extensive character sets including line drawing characters
  •  Extensive language/keyboard support
  •  Screen/Scroll History
  •  Fully customize color schemes
  •  Fully customize attribute handling
  •  Fully customize terminal cursor display
  •  Custom screen sizes (where terminal allows)
  •  Copy and paste support, region and history
  •  Double Byte Character Set (DBCS) support
  •  IBM Certificate Express Logon (ELF) for TN3270
  •  Enforce Logout / Ensure Clean Disconnection

Security Features
  •  Telnet via SSL2/SSL3/TLS
  •  Telnet via SSH Tunnel
  •  SSH
  •  FIPS-140-B for SSH
Automation Tools
  •  Macros with smart Macro Assistant
  •  Host initiated macros
  •  Hotspots
  •  Automated login capability
  •  Silent Installation
  •  Keyboard and Hotspot events may be customized to execute menu commands, macros, emulation keystrokes and more.
GUI Features
  •  Multiple simultaneous sessions
  •  TrueType font support
  •  Automatic font resizing
  •  Hotspots
  •  Import configurations (TTWin4, TTerm Connect, TTerm for Linux)
Printer Support
  •  3812 (5250) printing
  •  3287 (3270) printing
  •  Pass through printing support
  •  Screen and region printing
Supported Terminals

The table below illustrates the range of terminals emulated by TTerm for Linux. The Red, Green and Blue columns denote the three different 'packs' that TTerm for Linux is distributed in. The only difference between these packs are the terminal emulations supplied in each.

Manufacturer Terminal Emulation Red Pack Green Pack Blue Pack
ADDS -ADDS2020 Viewpoint Mode
-ADDS Viewpoint
ANSI -ANSI - X3.64
-ANSIEA - ANSI Extended Attributes
AWA -ADM 11/R/W/P/H & LSI      
Bull -Bull VIP 7800      
Data General -DG 210/211/216/216E
-DG460-462/470 Character mode
DEC -DEC VT 52/100/101/102
-DEC VT220
-DEC VT320
-DEC VT340
-DEC VT420
Fujitsu -Fujitsu 6681
Hewlett Packard -Hewlett Packard HP 2392A
-Hewlett Packard HP 700/92
IBM -IBM 3101
-IBM 3151
-IBM 3164 - Color
-IBM 3270 TCP & SNA
-IBM 5250
ICL -ICL 7561
-ICL VT220+
Liberty -Liberty Freedom 1
McDonnell Douglas -McDonnell Douglas P8/P9
-McDonnell Douglas P12
-McDonnell Douglas Micro Fusion 40
Prime -Prime PT25
-Prime PT250
Quantum -Quantum QNX
Siemens Nixdorf -Siemens Nixdorf 97801
Stratus -Stratus V102
-Stratus V103
-Stratus V105
Tandem / HP NonStop -Tandem T653x      
Televideo -Televideo TVI950
-Televideo TVI955
Unisys -Unisys T27      
-Interactive UNIX Color
-Bell Tech. UNIX Color
-AT&T UNIX Color
Wang -Wang 2110  
Wyse -Wyse 50+
-Wyse 60
-Wyse 350
Trial Software
File File Size Notes Download
To download a free, fully functional demo of TTerm for Linux, please visit the trial software page.
File File Size Notes Download
TTerm for Linux Brochure and Specs Sheet 605 KB TTerm for Linux Overview - features and specifications.  Download
Manuals and Documentation
File File Size Notes Download
TTerm Linux QuickStart Guide 746 KB A guide to getting started with TTerm Linux.  Download
TTerm Linux User Guide 3.60 MB TTerm Linux User Guide.  Download

Delivering the Best Terminal Emulator Experience for Linux Operating Systems.

Single Product Terminal Coverage

TTerm for Linux includes terminal emulations for more terminals within one package. No need to switch products to get different emulations.

Full Keyboard Re-Mapping

Flexible keyboard mapping. Users can map text strings, macros, host sequences or emulation keys to any key combination on a PC keyboard.

Data Security

Telnet via SSL2/SSL3/TLS, Telnet via SSH Tunnel, SSH, FIPS-140-B for SSH. Turbosoft regards data security to be an essential part of a terminal session and as such, we supply industry standard encryption as standard.

TTerm for Linux Multi Session
Printing Support

TTerm for Linux has extensive support for pass-through printing. This function is totally configurable and implements print through in a way that is highly effective in every environment. Screen printing is also supported, allowing regions of the screen to be printed. 3287 and 3812 support is offered for printing with IBM 3270 and 5250 emulations.

Session Panel, Tabbed Sessions

View and switch between multiple sessions at a glance.

Macros for Automation

An enhanced Macro Language and integrated Macro Assistant makes creating complex macros quick and easy.

TTerm for Linux Hotspot configuration

TTerm for Linux allows you to create your own Hotspots providing a GUI style of point-and-click style functionality. Hotspots can be employed to simplify complex tasks, enhance productivity and improve the user experience.

Comprehensive Character Set Support

TTerm for Linux has powerful character selection facilities to cater for the complex character set requirements found in many languages. TTerm for Linux comes with full code page support. Emulations may use as many code pages as required. What's more, each emulation can do this independently from other sessions. TTerm for Linux offers support for double byte character fonts, such as Chinese, Korean, and Japanese language fonts.

Emulation and GUI Features
  •  Truetype support
  •  Custom screen sizes (where terminal allows)
  •  Scroll/screen history
  •  Copy and paste screen, region or history.
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