Enterprise Grade Terminal Emulation for iPad®

TTerm for iPad

Building on the proven quality, accuracy and range of emulations that our Windows® product TTWin is renowned for, TTerm for iPad is a range of high quality terminal emulation apps for iPad devices.

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The TTerm for iPad range

The TTerm for iPad range consists of several apps, each differing only in the terminals it supports. For a full list of supported terminals refer to the technical specifications.

TTerm for iPad


TTerm is an enterprise grade terminal emulator providing secure, robust communications to UNIX hosts over SSH and telnet.

TTerm Plus for iPad

TTerm Plus

Supports all terminals and features in TTerm with additional support for IBM AIX terminals, Wyse series terminals and ADM 11 emulation.

TTerm 3270 for iPad

TTerm 3270

Supports IBM 3270 and Fujitsu 6681 terminal emulation for IBM host connectivity.

TTerm 5250 for iPad

TTerm 5250

TTerm 5250 supports IBM 5250 terminal emulation for AS/400 (iSeries) connectivity.

TTerm Profor iPad

TTerm Pro

TTerm Pro provides the maximum terminal coverage with support for over 80 different emulations including all those in TTerm, TTerm Plus, TTerm 3270 and TTerm 5250.

Custom Versions

Turbosoft can supply custom versions of TTerm for iPad catering to your particular needs at attractive pricing. Contact Turbosoft for more information and to discuss your requirements.

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Enterprise Grade Terminal Emulation Apps for iPad

Features and Benefits

TTerm for iPad builds on the proven quality, accuracy and range of emulations that our Windows® product TTWin is renowned for and comes with a range of features that you would expect from a fully featured desktop application.

Accurate, Proven Emulations

Turbosoft has been developing terminal emulation software since 1988. Benefit from our experience with rock-solid, accurate emulations.

Secure Host Communications

Data security with SSH, Telnet via SSH tunnel, Telnet via SSL2/SSL3/TLS and SSH key support. For IBM 3270 users Express Logon Feature (ELF) is supported.

Multiple Session Capable

Connect to multiple hosts simultaneously. Switch between sessions quickly and easily.

App Lockdown

Protects important configuration settings from unwanted scrutiny or lock down TTerm for iPad completely, restricting users to connection options you configure and provide.


Make your host session finger friendly with ease. Add touch friendly Hotspots to your terminal screen in fixed positions or dynamically in response to screen content. Easily attach complex actions to each Hotspot.

Comprehensive Keyboard Support

Custom on screen keyboards supporting multiple languages and layouts, designed for touch screen usage. Support for hardware bluetooth keyboards including key-remapping.