IBM was the dominant player in the era of mainframe computing, producing the most successful and most imitated systems in the industry. As a result, many companies now have IBM host systems that they still need to access from their modern computer systems.

An original IBM 3101 terminal. (photo: IBM GA18-2051-3)
An IBM 3101 terminal.

With three decades of experience in emulation, Turbosoft understands the challenges facing organizations looking to bridge the gap between their legacy IBM host systems and their existing IT.

A Complete IBM Terminal Emulator Range

Turbosoft provides a range of IBM emulators that is second to none, covering both IBM mainframe and midrange systems, including IBM 3270, IBM 5250, IBM 3164, IBM 3101 and IBM 3151 terminals.

IBM 3270 terminal support not only covers the standard IBM TN3270, but also a number of other 3270 emulation modes, such as the monochrome IBM 3278 terminals (models 2,3,4 and 5) the color IBM 3279 terminal. It also supports 3270 emulation via SNA communications and 3287 printing.

IBM Midrange Terminal Emulators

For midrange IBM hosts, Turbosoft offers a range of 5250 emulation modes, ensuring that the emulation you select is accurate, functional and most importantly, the exact terminal your system requires, including printing support for the IBM 5250 (3812).

For IBM AIX systems, you can choose an IBM 3101 emulation, IBM 3151 emulation and an IBM 3164 emulation (color terminal).

Flexible IBM Terminal Emulation to Suit Your Business

At Turbosoft, we understand that every business is different, with its own unique combination of legacy systems and current technology. That’s why we offer flexible licensing that you can tailor to your exact needs and a range of products that caters to a variety of platforms and devices.. Ongoing maintenance packages allow rapid access to accurate support from our experienced staff, helping you realize the full value of your legacy system. This flexibility and support continues throughout your license, adapting as your business grows and your needs change.

What Turbosoft Products Offer for IBM Terminal Emulation

For Windows Desktops, TTWin 4 supports TN3270 and TN3270e, TN5250, 3101, 3151 and 3164 color emulation. 3812 (5250) and 3287 (3270) printer terminals are also supported along with IND$FILE, FTP and SFTP file transfer.

For those seeking a web based solution, TTerm Connect is a centrally managed, browser based terminal emulator with zero client install offering a lightweight and low-maintenance IBM terminal emulation for distributed workforces. TTerm Connect is also an ideal solution for those requiring terminal emulation across multiple device types and classes including the need for an IBM Terminal Emulator for Mac.

The TTerm for iPad® range of apps offers extensive support for IBM terminals and includes individual apps focused on the 3270 and 5250 range of terminals.

For embedded and handheld devices running Windows CE, TTWin CE offers TN3270 and TN3270e, TN5250, 3101, 3151 and 3164 color emulation support.

Turbosoft IBM Terminal Emulators Boost Productivity and Efficiency

Leveraging the expertise of leading emulator software developers, Turbosoft delivers a precise, accurate emulation experience for a range of IBM terminals, ensuring seamless access to your host system.

Features such as multi-session functionality and a tabbed user interface allow more rapid, frustration-free multi-tasking, while scripting, hotspot and macro functionality automate repetitive tasks and complex command inputs, speeding up otherwise lengthy and time-consuming tasks.

Optimize Your IBM Terminal Emulation

Speak to one of our consultants today to learn more. With flexible licensing options and crossgrade discounts of up to 50% when you migrate from a competitor’s product, Turbosoft is the economic choice that delivers real value for your organization.

Solutions for IBM Host Systems:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IBM's mainframe technology?

IBM's mainframes were among the earliest large scale computing systems to see widespread adoption. Computers such as the System/360 (or S/360) date back to the early 1960s and were hugely successful, being used by businesses, government departments and other organizations across the world. These systems and their descendants are still in use today and terminal emulation plays a vital role in connecting modern computers and devices to legacy hosts.

What is a green screen?

Host systems, including early IBM mainframes required the use of a terminal for access. Terminals were cathode ray monitors with a separate keyboard and limited computer processing capabilities that allowed the user to enter text-based commands on the host. They acquired various nicknames including "green screens'', a reference to the common practice of using green phosphor based cathode ray tubes in early terminal screens, though the moniker has been extended to mean all terminals, including those with color capabilities. An IBM 3278 is an example of a green screen terminal.

What is 3270?

3270 emulation is a communication standard used to interact with IBM mainframe and mid range host systems. The name originally referred to a series of physical terminals used to communicate with these systems, but now refers to the protocol used in 3270 emulation software. The 3270 is block-orientated meaning data is transferred in blocks, as opposed to character-orientated terminals which transfer individual keystrokes.

What is a 3270 emulator?

A 3270 terminal emulator is a software program that emulates the function of a 3270 series terminal. The original hardware terminal was designed to connect to an IBM mainframe or midrange host system. A 3270 terminal emulation program provides a link between these legacy systems and modern PCs, Macs and handheld devices.

What is the purpose of terminal emulator software?

Naturally, with the original host systems now being in some cases over 50 years old, the original terminal equipment is no longer manufactured. Terminal emulation software recreates the terminal environment needed to access a host system, but through the GUI-based operating system of a modern PC or device rather than a text-based terminal.

What is a 5250 terminal?

IBM 5250 terminals were the next generation of IBM terminals developed to access IBM System/34 midrange computers in the late 1970s. However they are perhaps best known for their association with IBM's AS/400 systems. 5250 terminals were connected to the host system by twinaxial cable (twinax) rather than ethernet. IBM no longer manufactures or supports the original equipment, so an IBM5250 terminal emulator is required to access compatible hosts systems with modern computers and devices.

What is a 5250 terminal emulator?

A 5250 terminal emulator is software which replaces the original terminals on legacy IBM mainframes and midrange computers.