3270, 5250, 3101, 3151, 3164 terminal emulator software. This photo shows an original IBM 3101 terminal. (photo: IBM GA18-2051-3)

An IBM 3101 terminal.

IBM looms large as a dominant player in the era of mainframe computing. From the 1960's on its systems were the most successful, most widely sold and imitated systems in the industry. The distinctive green phosphor screens used on the 3270 in particular lead to the dumb terminals in general and, much later, terminal emulation software being broadly referred to as 'green screens'.

Coverage in for IBM host systems across the Turbosoft range of solutions is second to none. We have an extensive range of emulations which provide access to both IBM Mainframe and Midrange systems. Emulations are provided for 3270, 5250, 3164, 3101 and 3151 terminals.

Our support for 3270 communications does not just include the standard TN3270 but also a number of different 3270 emulation modes such as the color 3279 or monochrome 3278 terminals, (models 2,3,4 and 5) and additional support for 3278 printing, 3270 emulation via SNA communications and extended attributes.

In the IBM midrange arena, Turbosoft offers a range of 5250 emulation modes that you can choose from ensuring that the emulation you select is accurate, functional and most importantly, the exact terminal your system requires. In addition to this we support printing for the 5250 (3812)

In the IBM AIX world, we offer an IBM 3101 emulation, IBM 3151 emulation and an IBM 3164 emulation (color terminal).

What Turbosoft products offer for IBM terminal emulation

TTWin 4 supports 3270, 5250, 3101, 3151 and 3164 color emulation over both SNA and TCP. IND$FILE file transfer is also supported.

Our web deployable terminal emulator TTerm Connect and our offering for handhelds and phones powered by Window CE or Mobility, TTWinCE both offer 3270, 5250, 3101, 3151 and 3164 color support over TCP.

IBM terminals are available for iPad® through our TTerm apps.

For Windows® Systems

For Windows CE® and Windows Mobile® Systems

For Linux® Systems
 TTerm For Linux

For iPad®
 TTerm for 3270
 TTerm for 5250
 TTerm Plus (IBM 3101, 3151, 3164)
 TTerm Pro (all IBM terminals)

Web to Host Terminal Emulation
 TTerm Connect