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For over 30 years Turbosoft has been an industry leader in terminal emulation software, trusted by thousands of businesses and their users.

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Terminal emulation for any device
for windows

For Windows®

Powerful, fully featured terminal emulator software for Windows supporting over 80 different terminals and numerous communications protocols.

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for linux

For Linux®

Comprehensive, enterprise grade terminal emulation for Linux devices. Supporting IBM 3270, 5250, Wyse, Stratus, Tandem (HP NonStop) and many more.

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for the web

For the Web

Any host, any device. HTML5 browser based terminal emulation, centrally managed with zero client installation required.

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for developers

For Developers

Solutions for building and maintaining applications with a terminal emulator component. Available for .NET, ActiveX and JAVA.

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Why Choose Turbosoft?

Proven Emulations.

Choosing Turbosoft means choosing a company that understands terminal emulation - it's been our core business for more that 30 years. Partner with us and receive access to prompt, knowledgeable and accurate support from a team that is actively updating and enhancing our products.

We'll Work With You.

We'll work with you to convert your existing product configurations, macros and scripts to ensure a smooth transition to a Turbosoft product.

Flexible Licensing.

Choose a license that fits your needs. Our options include per installation, concurrent user licensing, subscription based, unlimited and site licenses. Learn more about our licensing options.

TTWin, windows terminal emulator, laptop
TTWin 4 logo

With assisted migration, 80+ emulations, round-the-clock support, flexible licensing, automated processing & more, TTWin4 is one of the world's most popular terminal emulation solutions for Windows.

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TTerm for Linux logo

Designed for Linux desktop systems and devices. TTerm for Linux offers users a high degree of configurability, session control, screen enhancing capabilities, productivity tools and the widest range of terminal coverage.

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TTerm Connect Logo

Platform independent browser based terminal emulation, TTerm Connect works on any device with a modern web browser. Secure, flexible and powerful enough to service the needs of thousands of concurrent users.

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TTerm for iPad logo

TTerm for iPad®

TTerm for iPad is a range of high quality terminal emulation apps for iPad devices.

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