TTWin 4 Terminal emulation for Windows®

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Terminal emulation specialists Turbosoft have been a world leader for producing host connectivity and terminal emulation products since 1988.

TTWin 4
Comprehensive Terminal Emulation for Windows®

Our premier terminal emulator solution. Quality, reliability, and a wide range of emulations within the one product are the keys to TTWin's success. For Windows® operating systems including Windows 8® and Windows 10®.

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TTerm for Linux 
Comprehensive Terminal Emulation for Linux®

Turbosoft brings enterprise grade terminal emulation to Linux, backed by prompt, professional support. Our high quality, accurate and reliable terminal emulation software is now available for Linux operating systems.

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TTerm for iPad 
Terminal Emulator for iPad®

An enterprise grade terminal emulator app for iPad. Wide range of terminal support, fully configurable. Finally, real choice for high quality terminal emulation on your iPad.

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TTerm Connect  
HTML5 Web Based Terminal Emulator

Flexible, powerful terminal emulation with nothing more than a web browser. Centrally configured and managed, TTerm Connect requires no client-side installation and can be deployed with its own web client or integrated with your existing website.

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TTerm for .NET 
Terminal Emulation for .NET Applications

Adding terminal emulation functionality to your application has never been simpler. With support for 80+ emulations TTerm for .NET offers the most comprehensive API for building and maintaining applications with a terminal emulator component..

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Emulation for Embedded Devices

Expand the use of your Windows CE or Windows Mobile device by giving it access to your host system. Developed specifically for the handheld and Windows CE® based terminals.

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 Recent News

Announcing TTerm For .NET
Developers - Easily add terminal emulation capabilities to your VB.NET and C# applications with TTerm for .NET.

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 Switch to TTWin & Save

Replace your existing expensive competitive product licenses & maintenance and save up to 50% on the cost of new licenses.

Benefit from TTWin's wide terminal and platform coverage, features such as web deployment and Active X integration as well as assistance with macro, keyboard and screen conversions.

Let us show you how easy and cost effective it is to transition to TTWin.

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What makes our terminal emulators the best for your business

Turbosoft has been a trusted partner to businesses around the globe for more than three decades. Organizations working in some of the world’s most demanding industries including healthcare, finance, telecommunications and defense choose Turbosoft’s terminal emulator programs because they know they can rely on them. Precision-built and backed by one of the world’s most experienced emulation development teams, you can trust Turbosoft to deliver the tools your business needs to succeed.

The broadest support

The Turbosoft family of products has been designed for the highest levels of compatibility. Offering emulation for more than 80 terminals including unique configurations and sub-models, TTWin and TTerm Connect make it simple and easy for everyone to work with the best in terminal emulation. Emulating hardware from IBM, DEC and 20 other manufacturers, we help every organization find a solution that’s compatible with their existing infrastructure.

The highest levels of accuracy

Turbosoft has been in the business of terminal emulation since 1988. Founded just as the personal computer market was taking off, we’ve seen the IT world transform in just a few short decades, from the original IBM personal computer to touch-screen enabled, pocket-sized devices. That long history has given us an appreciation for the tools that helped to shape the modern computing world, and that deep respect for the developers of the past guides our work today.

Our developers recognize the longevity of these legacy systems and strive to emulate their terminals as faithfully as possible. Our precision and attention to detail ensures that the terminal behaves in exactly the same way as the original hardware, ensuring proper display and data handling for a better user experience.

Focused entirely on your success

Turbosoft’s sole focus as a business is terminal emulation. All of our resources are devoted to developing and refining intelligent solutions to challenges faced by businesses making use of legacy hardware. Your company, your systems and your user experience are our highest priority, meaning you can expect only the very best service from our staff.

Key to our position as a global leader in emulation is our team of specialist terminal emulator developers. Using only the most experienced and specialized talent ensures that we can deliver the most stable, feature-rich and effective product, helping you get the most out of your legacy hardware.

Built for the modern workplace

Turbosoft is the link between the past and the future of your business’ IT, connecting modern devices to legacy systems. We provide full-featured native clients for Windows and Linux computers as well as iPads, making it easy for everyone in your office to access data on their device of choice. Businesses leveraging handheld and small form factor devices such as scanners can take advantage of TTWinCE, offering powerful terminal access on devices operating on Windows CE or Windows Mobile.

Our latest product – TTerm Connect – allows businesses to provide terminal access to employees via a browser-based interface. Centrally managed and requiring no client install, it’s the flexible choice providing easy access on Windows, Linux, macOS and all web-enabled mobile devices. A fully online emulator, TTerm Connect works wherever browsers do, delivering a rich experience on Mac and Linux desktops, Windows notebooks and mobile devices.

Expert support when you need it

Choosing Turbosoft means choosing a company that understands your organization’s needs. Your host system is an essential part of your business activities – ensure that mission-critical data is always within reach through our ongoing maintenance program. Through it, you’ll have access to prompt, accurate support from a team that is actively updating and enhancing our products.

Flexible to suit your budget

We understand the challenges facing a modern business. Our goal is to make terminal emulation a seamless and low-maintenance part of your business and to reduce your immediate and ongoing expenditure. To that end, we offer cost effective and flexible licensing and maintenance options to suit companies of every size operating on every budget. Concurrent licensing provides flexible access to our programs that minimize your total cost of ownership, while a range of subscription models allow you to tailor your package to your business’ precise needs.