Turbosoft offers a range of terminal emulation software for a variety of platforms and devices.

TTWin 4

Terminal Emulation for Windows® Operating Systems.

TTWin 4 is Turbosoft's premier terminal emulation software package for Windows based operating systems including Windows 10 and Windows 11. Quality, reliability, and a wide range of emulations within the one product are the keys to TTWin's success. TTWin 4 is a complete product with an extensive range of productivity enhancing features which will allow you to make the most of your PC and Host system environments.

Like all of Turbosoft's products, TTWin is competitively priced with flexible licensing arrangements which can be modified to suit your specific needs.

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TTerm for Linux®

Terminal Emulation for the Linux Operating System.

TTerm For Linux is Turbosoft’s new high-quality terminal emulation software for Linux operating systems.

TTerm for Linux offers users a high degree of configurability, session control, screen enhancing capabilities, productivity tools and the widest range of terminal coverage.

As terminal emulation specialists, Turbosoft products are built with a modular approach, meaning that the terminals emulated in TTerm for Linux are the same as supplied with our Windows software, our iPad terminal emulator, our industrial and handheld device software and so on. You can be assured that your emulation is accurate and robust, the result of years of development, testing and real-world use.

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TTerm Connect

Zero install, browser based HTML5 terminal emulation. Any host, any device.

TTerm Connect is Turbosoft’s terminal emulator for the web. Built on common web technologies and requiring no end user installation it offers all the power and functionality of traditional desktop terminal emulation software, with the convenience and flexibility of a web browser.

Designed for enterprise, TTerm Connect features centralized web based management and includes a range of tools that help you to configure, deploy, manage and monitor. Deploy to your end users with a ready built web client or integrate terminal emulation with your existing websites and intranets.

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TTerm For iPad®

Enterprise Grade Terminal Emulation for iPad.

TTerm for iPad is Turbosoft's terminal emulation application for Apple's iPad. Offering enterprise grade terminal emulation for your device with wide terminal coverage, multi-session capability and a variety of other features designed to enhance terminal emulation on the iPad.

TTerm for iPad is available from the App Store.

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Terminal Emulation for Embedded Systems, Thin Clients & Portable Devices.

TTWin CE has been developed specifically for Windows CE and services the hand held and Windows based terminal market. It excels in barcode scanning and warehousing type applications or on thin client, embedded and small form factor devices that require host connectivity. Supporting more than 80 different terminals

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TTerm for .NET

Terminal Emulation Library for .NET.

With support for 80+ emulations including DEC VT terminals, IBM 3270, IBM 5250, Televideo, Hewlett Packard and many more along with Telnet, SSH and HP NS VT, TTerm for .NET offers developers a comprehensive API for building and maintaining applications with a terminal emulator component.

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TTWin Integrator

Developer toolkit and OCX interface - harness the power of TTWin in your application.

For many years, developers have used TTWin to integrate their applications with a wide range of host systems. In catering to their specific needs, Turbosoft developed TTWin Integrator. The task of implementing our OEM solution with your applications has never been simpler through use of our range of tools and our in-depth documentation.

TTWin Integrator is Turbosoft's OCX interface which revolutionizes the way Windows based applications access corporate systems on legacy hosts. With TTWin Integrator host connectivity is tightly integrated into the Windows Application allowing for unprecedented flexibility in the management of data and state of the art look and feel while retaining all the benefits of the platforms.

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