This article lists currently supported Turbosoft products and those products which have reached their end of life. For queries about this list or further information please contact Turbosoft directly.

Supported Products

The following Turbosoft products are currently supported and under active development.

  • TTWin 4 - Windows terminal emulator.
  • TTerm Connect - Web based terminal emulator.
  • TTerm for Linux - Linux terminal emulator.
  • TTerm for .NET - Terminal Emulation Library for .NET.
  • TTerm for iPad - Terminal Emulation Apps for iPad.
  • TTWin Integrator - Terminal emulation OCX component toolkit.
  • TTWinCE - Terminal emulation for embedded systems, thin clients and portable devices.

Discontinued (EOL) Products

The following Turbosoft products are no longer supported and have been end-of-lifed.

  • TTWin 3 - TTWin version 3 and earlier.
  • TTWin Lite - Windows terminal emulator.
  • TTWeb - Web based terminal emulator.