The following information represents specifications and requirements for the most current release version of TTerm for iPad.

A number of TTerm for iPad apps are available and, each app differs only in the range of terminals and terminal specific features it supports. If you have any queries about terminal support and features please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Refer to the Supported Terminals table below for the exact terminals supported by each app.

  • TTerm - ANSI/DEC VT/UNIX type connectivity.
  • TTerm Plus - Includes TTerm emulations with the addition of Wyse, SCO ANSI and IBM AIX terminals.
  • TTerm 3270 - Connectivity for hosts requiring IBM 3270 emulation.
  • TTerm 5250 - Connectivity for IBM midrange hosts (AS400/iSeries).
  • TTerm Pro - Widest range of terminal support. Includes of all emulations of the above and additional terminals.

 Feature Support

Features are supported in all apps in the TTerm for iPad range unless otherwise noted.

Communications Modules
  • SSH
  • Telnet
  • Hewlett Packard NS/VT  TTerm Pro
Security Features
  • Telnet via SSH Tunnel
  • Telnet via SSH2/SSL3/TLS
  • SSH (RSA) Certificate
  • Screen/Scroll History
  • Express Logon Feature (ELF)  TTerm 3270   TTerm Pro
  • App Access Settings: Restricted and Kiosk Mode
Keyboard Features
  • Extensive Language Support
  • External Keyboard Support (Apple Wireless US English)
  • Key Mapping
User Interface Features
  • Import/Export Configurations
  • Managed App Configuration via MDM

Supported Terminals

Terminal TTerm TTerm Plus TTerm Pro TTerm 3270 TTerm 5250
FUJITSU 6681      
IBM 3270      
IBM 5250      
ADDS 2020        
ADDS Viewpoint        
ANSI Color (X3.64)    
ADM 11      
BULL VIP 7800        
Data General 210/211/216/216E        
Data General 410/411        
Data General 460/461/462        
Data General 470 Character Mode        
DEC VT 52/100/101/102    
DEC VT220    
DEC VT320    
DEC VT420    
Hewlett Packard 2392A        
Hewlett Packard 700/92        
Hewlett Packard 700/94        
IBM 3101      
IBM 3151      
IBM 3164 Color      
ICL 7561        
ICL VT220+        
Liberty Freedom One        
McDonnell Douglas ANSI        
McDonnell Douglas P8/P9/P12        
McDonnell Douglas Micro Fusion 40        
Prime PT25        
Prime PT250s        
SCO ANSI Color Console    
Siemens Nixdorf 97801        
Tandem 653x        
Stratus V102        
Stratus V103        
Stratus V105        
Televideo 950        
Televideo 955        
Unix ANSI Console    
Unisys T27        
Wang 2110    
Wyse 50+      
Wyse 60      
Wyse 350