Those unfamiliar with mainframe systems associate these systems with a number of misconceptions. Price, skills and relevance are some of the top myths that surround mainframe platforms.

Mainframes are Expensive

One of the most persistent myths about mainframes is that hardware and software are prohibitively expensive. In fact, mainframes provide improving value on a dollars-per-MSU (MIPS), blade server, or terabyte of storage basis.

There are different software pricing arrangements that users can look into. Lease, rental, or usage-based pricing offers great value for customers.

Mainframe Technicians are Hard to Find

Mainframe skills are in reality easier to find than expected. There appears to be a steady supply of graduates and other skilled professionals in the field and companies like IBM are encouraging universities to offer more mainframe courses.

Users are Turning Away from Mainframes

As mainframes continue to improve in terms of capacity and and tools offered, it becomes easier for businesses to rely on just one or two machines rather than three or more. As such, the number of mainframes being used is likely a reflection of better technology rather than declining user demand.