Over the years, a large number of manufacturers released host systems with Unix based Operating Systems. Turbosoft's terminal emulators cater to the many different flavors of Unix with emulations covering a wide range of Unix variants and Systems. Our terminal emulation coverage includes:

Unix Terminal Emulation Your Business Can Rely on

Like all of our terminals, the accuracy and reliability of our Unix terminals are second to none. All outstanding in their own right, each emulation takes into account the specific aspects of each and every terminal with support for different modes and screens.

Core to our design philosophy is enhancing the functionality of your UNIX host system. Not content with achieving the highest levels of emulation accuracy, our goal is to make working with your legacy systems faster, simpler and easier than ever before.

To that end, our terminal emulators come equipped with powerful features designed to automate, simplify and streamline the process of accessing mission-critical data on your host system. Full keyboard remapping functionality, macro support and scripting functionality allows users flexibility in how they set up their workstations, allowing them to remap keys and automate complex tasks or common commands through the terminal emulator.

We understand that your data is your organization’s most important asset, so all of our terminal emulators connect via industry standard encryption protocols for enhanced data security, helping to protect you and your clients. It’s just another way that Turbosoft is helping our clients grow their businesses.

Designed for the Modern Business Environment

In order to deliver the best user experience possible to all users, Turbosoft provides UNIX ANSI terminal emulation for Linux, Windows, iPad and Windows Mobile/CE, offering a complete solution for multi-device ecosystems. We also offer a web-to-host terminal emulation solution, allowing users to access your host system from any browser-enabled device, anywhere in the world. Ideal for remote workers, multi-location businesses and organizations embracing bring-your-own-device policies, TTerm Connect is the flexible, platform-agnostic terminal emulation solution your team needs.

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Solutions for Unix-Based Host Systems: