Televideo terminals have been popular particularly in the Motor Vehicle industry with a number of customers using our emulations for access to parts systems across the globe.

Turbosoft produce two Televideo terminal emulations, these being:

  • Televideo TVI950
  • Televideo TVI955
What Turbosoft offers for Televideo terminal emulation

TVI950 and TVI955 emulations are offered in TTWin, our Windows® terminal emulator, TTerm Connect, our web to host offering and TTWinCE, our terminal emulator for Windows CE based handhelds and devices.

Televideo emulations for iPad® devices are available in our TTerm Pro app.

Please note that these terminals are just two of the more than 80 emulations Turbosoft produces, by using solutions such as TTWin users can access all host systems from a single product.

For Windows® Systems

For Windows CE® and Windows Mobile® Systems

For Linux® Systems
 TTerm For Linux

For iPad®
 TTerm Pro

Web to Host Terminal Emulation
 TTerm Connect