Televideo terminals have been popular particularly in the motor vehicle industry with a number of customers using our emulations for access to parts systems across the globe.

Turbosoft produce two Televideo terminal emulations, these being:

  • Televideo TVI950
  • Televideo TVI955

Accurate, Effective Emulation of Televideo Terminals

Choosing the Turbosoft family of products for your businesses allows real flexibility in how you access your host system. Televideo TVI950 and TVI955 terminal emulators are offered in TTWin, our Windows® terminal emulator, TTerm for Linux®, compatible with most popular distributions, and TTWinCE, our terminal emulator for Windows CE based handhelds and devices. Televideo emulations for iPad® devices are available in our TTerm Pro app.

Additionally, we're proud to introduce TTerm Connect. A fully-featured web to host terminal emulator, TTerm Connect allows your employees access to your host system via a browser. Completely platform agnostic, TTerm Connect works wherever you do, running on any browser-enabled device from mobile phones to tablets to a Macbook. Running with no client install and simplifying maintenance for your IT staff, TTerm Connect is the flexible option for remote workers, multi-location organizations, and businesses embracing the bring-your-own-device revolution.

For businesses requiring emulation of multiple terminals, Turbosoft has you covered. Televideo TVI950 and TVI955 are just two of the more than 80 emulations Turbosoft produces. By using solutions such as TTWin users can access all host systems from a single product.

Turbosoft - A Partner to Host System Users Around the Globe

Since 1988, Turbosoft has been dedicated to the creation and maintenance of accurate, productivity-boosting terminal emulators, helping to smoothly integrate your legacy systems into your modernizing IT infrastructure. Our decades of experience have made us the first choice in emulator technology by corporations, government agencies, and institutions across the globe, delivering the highest levels of accuracy in our emulation software.

We're dedicated to continually improving the experience of working with host systems, so our terminal emulators come equipped with a range of productivity-enhancing features. From fully remappable keyboards to advanced scripting and automation technology - including hotspots allowing point-and-click functionality within the terminal UI - our products help to increase the speed and ease of working with legacy systems. Boasting industry-standard encryption for enhanced data security, you can rely on Turbosoft to help you protect your assets without negatively impacting productivity.

Download a free trial of our desktop or server-based software below or visit the App Store to download TTerm for iPad®.

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Solutions for Televideo Terminal Emulation: