Wyse Terminal emulation in TTWin 4 for Windows
Background to Wyse Terminals

Wyse was a very popular terminal manufacturer during the 1980s for two reasons.

Firstly, their terminals were able to interface with multiple host systems, due to their ability to emulate other manufacturer’s hardware terminals, something Wyse referred to as ‘personalities’.

The Wyse 60, for example, was able to adopt an astonishing array of terminal personalities including the VT100, the IBM3101, the Data General Dasher 200, ADDS Viewpoint and several Televideo terminals in addition to native Wyse personalities. This meant that companies were no longer obliged to buy multiple terminals or exclusively from their host supplier and could shop around for a better deal. This 'better deal' was the second big selling point of the Wyse terminals, since they were priced at just over half the cost of their competitors.

The popular Wyse 50 was surpassed by the Wyse 60, which went on to be the biggest selling terminal ever. However, inevitably, the physical terminal was replaced by software terminal emulators with Wyse emulation.

What Turbosoft Offers for Wyse Terminal Emulation

Turbosoft’s TTWin 4 terminal emulator for Windows includes Wyse50+, Wyse60 and Wyse 350 color emulation.

These emulations are built on our tried and tested terminal emulator technology, delivering accurate, convenient, cost effective performance to link your legacy systems across both desktop and remote devices.

Turbosoft offers Wyse 50, Wyse 60 and Wyse 360 terminal emulators for a variety of platforms and devices including native Linux and Windows terminal emulation as well as Mac support through our web based terminal emulator TTerm Connect.

  • Multiple Terminal Coverage
    Combine Wyse terminals with DEC VT series, IBM 3270, 5250, 3101, ADDS Viewpoint, Televideo 950/955 and many, many more.
  • Compre­hensive Wyse Support
    Wyse50+, Wyse60 and Wyse 350 color.
  • Industry Standard Encryption
    SSH, Telnet with SSL3/TLS/SSH Tunnel, SFTP (secure file transfer).
  • External APIs
    Control TTWin and access the host data stream via HLLAPI, ActiveX or Java.
  • Flexible Licensing Options
    Named, concurrent, subscription or unlimited licenses available. Choose a licensing option that suits you.
Terminal Emulators to Suit Every Operating Environment

At Turbosoft, our goal is to help your business succeed. With organizations leveraging a greater diversity of devices and operating systems than ever before, we want to ensure that every company can find the right tools for their team.

To that end, Turbosoft is proud to offer a range of local and web-based clients to suit all devices. From desktop clients running natively within Windows and Linux to mobile solutions for iPads and handheld devices running Windows CE or Windows Mobile, our goal is to make accessing mission-critical data on your host system simple and seamless.

Businesses can further streamline their operations through the use of TTerm Connect. A fully featured, centrally managed terminal emulator, TTerm Connect delivers all the functionality of a desktop solution on any browser-enabled device. Requiring zero client install and offering a suite of centralized configuration, monitoring and management tools, TTerm Connect minimizes time spent on maintenance, minimizing your upfront and ongoing expenses.

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