Mainframe platforms are the subject of a number of persistent myths relative to cost and skills shortages. Here are some of the reasons why mainframes offer great value for outlay and why staffing is not an issue with mainframe systems.

High Cost

Mainframes are much more expensive than servers on a unit basis. However, the capacity of a single mainframe is many times that of a sever.

With each server added to the organisation there are additional software and labor costs, which do not apply for mainframes. Mainframes offer lower overheads, more capacity, and lower cost-per-user than other systems, despite its higher price tag.

Skill Shortage and Labor Requirements

There is a second myth about mainframes, and this misconception relates to labor. There is a perception that mainframe skills are hard to source and mainframes need more labor and technicians.

Note that platforms such as Linux are compatible with some mainframe environments, and organizations such as IBM have been encouraging more education and training for mainframe skills.

As such, there is little reason to be concerned about sourcing mainframe professionals or needing to hire more people because of a mainframe platform.