Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC) was one of the largest manufacturers of Mainframe computers in the world particularly during the 1970's and 80's when it competed against industry giant IBM with some success. The operating systems that ran on DEC mainframes were predominantly UNIX or DEC's proprietary offering, VMS.

Given it's prominent market position DEC's VT series of terminals have became very widely supported and imitated. The VT100 terminal in particular, became something of a standard, partly due to it's implementation of an ANSI standard (ANSI X3.64) designed to standardize the sequences used to control functions and text output options, otherwise known as escape codes. It also had a very distinct, unique form.

What Turbosoft offers for DEC terminal emulation

Turbosoft supports a number of DEC terminals, from the VT52 through to the VT100/101/102, the more advanced VT220, VT320, VT340 and finally the VT420. The VT series remains a popular choice amongst users of terminal emulation software and our implementations have been thoroughly tested over the years. You can rely on high quality, accurate VT emulations from Turbosoft products.

TTWin 4, TTerm Connect and TTWinCE support the full range of VT series emulations listed above. That is: VT52/VT100/101/102,VT220, VT320, VT340,VT420

All DEC VT series terminals are supported in Turbosofts terminal emulator TTerm for iPad®.

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