In recent times, Turbosoft has seen a surge in clients looking for web based terminal emulators that aren't built on Java.

Historically, users looking for a web-based terminal emulation solution had a number of options and Java based web to host products were popular. But no more.

Java Applets Are Going Away

Why? Because Java applets, those small web applications written in the Java programming language no longer have a home. To run Java applets web browsers relied on NPAPI (Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface) and this decades old technology has long been considered obsolete and a security risk - as of late 2018 the last of the major browsers have now ceased supporting NPAPI and are no longer capable of running Java applets.

Options for continuing to use such applications are essentially limited to running obscure or outdated web browser software and, in an increasingly security conscious environment, even for those organizations that only use Java apps internally, that's no longer acceptable. So, the hunt is on for Web based terminal emulation solutions that have no reliance on Java and its associated vulnerabilities.

TTerm Connect, zero client install web to host terminal emulator
Deploy our desktop web client or embed directly in your website.

Introducing TTerm Connect

Thankfully, Turbosoft has a product – TTerm Connect - which can easily replace your existing Java based product or any other device installed terminal emulation solution. TTerm Connect is built on common web technologies and standards such as HTML5 and JavaScript - it requires absolutely no Java or plugins of any kind. TTerm Connect has a zero client install and will work with any modern browser (see the full TTerm Connect specs here) and performs as well, if not better than natively installed terminal emulation products.

TTerm Connect supports more than 80 different terminal types including IBM3270/TN3270, IBM5250, DEC VT, WYSE60, HP70092, T6530, Unisys T27 and many more. It also supports a wide range of transports such as Telnet, SSH, SSL, HPNS and others.

The benefit of an HTML5 based terminal emulator with the widest terminal support is that TTerm Connect is a viable solution for connecting PC’s, thin clients, tablets and phones to the corporate mainframe, midrange or mini computer. Any host, any device.

centralized management and deployment
Centralized configuration, reporting and monitoring from any device.

There are also a number of standard management features which give administrators the power to configure, manage and monitor end user activity in real time. Features such as LDAP/Active Directory integration, centralized web based administration, built-in helpdesk tools as well as device transfer and session persistence to help make the shift to TTerm Connect an easy one.

TTerm Connect is exceptionally cost effective and is available on a concurrent license basis which is a major bonus for organizations who require global access.

For a free no-obligation, fully supported TTerm Connect evaluation or contact Turbosoft today or talk to Turbosoft and discuss options for migrating to TTerm Connect.

TTerm Connect is Turbosoft's web based terminal emulator.

Built on common web technologies such as HTML5, CSS and Javascript, TTerm Connect requires no desktop software installation or management and is able to provide terminal emulation services regardless of platform.

For product information, free trial software and technical specifications, visit the TTerm Connect product page.