Tandem was a computer manufacturer that produced NonStop fault tolerant systems in competition with Stratus Technology, amongst others. These systems were typically used for financial applications such as transactional networks where reliability was paramount. In the late 1990's Tandem was acquired by Compaq (who were in turn acquired by Hewlett Packard), who continue to develop the Tandem product lines under the HP NonStop brand.

What Turbosoft Offers For Tandem Terminal Emulation

For Tandem (HP NonStop) systems, Turbosoft provides a Tandem 653X or Tandem 6530 terminal emulation. Our implementation includes support for both Block and Conversational modes with all aspects of the terminal implemented. Tandem emulations are available in TTWin, TTerm Connect and TTWinCE. Additionally, these products support more than 80 different terminals including TN3270, VT220, Wyse50/60 and numerous others allowing connection to a wide variety of systems from the one package.

Turbosoft supports Tandem Emulation for iPad® through our TTerm Pro App.

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 TTerm For Linux

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 TTerm Pro

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