Stratus Technology are a manufacturer of fault tolerant computers systems particularly for use in in financial services networks such as ATMs, banking, stock exchanges and related fields. Stratus systems are designed with fault tolerance and reliability as a prime consideration.

When dealing with non-stop, fault tolerant systems it's important to ensure that the connection to that system is as strong as the system itself. With Turbosoft emulators, this can be achieved.

For a number of years, Turbosoft's TTWin product has been regarded as the number one terminal emulator package for Stratus Systems. Our Stratus connectivity originally included our Stratus V103 and Stratus V102 terminal emulators and later, the Stratus V105 terminal for connection to Stratus FTX systems.

The accuracy, reliability and level of support which we provide is part of the reason why Stratus Computers themselves use Turbosoft products as their solution for terminal emulation world wide. Trust the emulation software trusted by the host system manufacturer and choose Turbosoft's TTwin for your Stratus installation.

What Turbosoft Offers for Stratus Terminal Emulation

Turbosoft offers are cost effective solutions which will allow you to make the most out of your PC and the V103, V102 and V105 terminal features. Productivity and screen enhancing features such as scripting, configurable menus, full keyboard remapping and macros enhance the text-based VOS interface, allowing your staff faster, easier access to data without cumbersome command line entry, making the pay back period extremely short. Our hotspot feature allows point and click functionality within the Stratus terminal environment, while a tabbed session manager allows users to work across and quickly switch between multiple terminal sessions as required by their role. Best in class encryption protocols support your existing data security efforts, helping you keep client and corporate data secure.

Stratus emulations are available in TTWin, TTerm for Linux®, TTWinCE and TTerm for iPad®, offering diverse terminal emulation solutions for a range of operating systems and hardware configurations.

Web Terminal Emulation for Stratus

Businesses looking for a more flexible implementation should consider our web-based terminal emulator TTerm Connect, offering accurate terminal emulation via web browser on any device. Dial into your host system from a macOS laptop, your mobile phone or tablet, or any web-enabled device from anywhere in the world and have mission-critical information at your fingertips always with TTerm Connect.

Download a free trial of our desktop or server-based software or visit the App Store to download TTerm for iPad®.

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Solutions for Stratus Terminal Emulation: