TTWin 4 Terminal emulation for Windows

Why Choose Turbosoft’s TN3270 Emulation Software

Turbosoft blends precision and performance, delivering not only an accurate TN3270 emulation experience, but also a variety of time-saving and productivity-boosting features to deliver the best 3270 emulator and enable you to make full use of your host system.

Full keyboard remapping, scripting and hotspot technology allow you to truly make the interface your own, adding point-and-click functionality to rapidly complete complex tasks or execute an extended series of commands with a single click.

Industry-standard encryption technology in our TN3270 terminal emulation software such as support for SSL (TLS 1.3), ELF for TN3270e and SSH tunnelling keeps mission-critical information secure without compromising productivity. The result is a dramatic increase in the speed at which data can be written to or retrieved from your host system, breaking down barriers between devices so your team can work more effectively and efficiently.

Versatile TN3270 emulator solutions

With our 3270 emulation you get a tabbed UI, allowing each user to maintain multiple sessions at once, including different protocols, switching between them instantly for fluid multitasking. Flexible 3270 emulator access is available via web or desktop delivering a full range of display and printer features including IBM 3287 printer terminal support. What’s more, our licenses are flexible and scalable to grow and change with your company’s needs.

Our range of TN3270 emulators includes:

  • TTWin 4 a Windows desktop application
  • TTerm for Linux a Linux desktop application
  • TTerm Connect a web based emulator
  • TTerm for iPad® an iPad app. 3270 emulation is provided in the TTerm 3270 and TTerm Pro apps
  • TTerm for .NET and TTWin Integrator developer components for .NET and ActiveX respectively
  • TTWin CE for embedded systems, thin clients and portables devices running Windows CE

Make the Switch

Make the switch to Turbosoft’s TN3270 terminal emulator for Windows 10 and save. Flexible licensing options and crossgrade discounts of up to 50% make it easy for organizations of every size to enjoy the support of a global leader in TN3270 terminal emulation. Get cutting-edge performance, unparalleled emulation accuracy and powerful additional features, at a price that cuts your operating costs.

Choose to crossgrade to a Turbosoft TN3270 terminal emulator and get the support of our specialist terminal emulation team throughout the handover. We'll work with you to convert configurations, scripts and macros, and to tailor TTWin's look and feel to enable a smooth and trouble-free transition. That means you can enjoy all the features and benefits of the leading range of TN3270 emulators for Windows, without disrupting your existing workflows.

  • Comprehensive 3270 Support
    Emulator support for IBM 3270 including extended attributes, 3279, 3278 terminals models 2,3,4,5 and IBM-DYNAMIC termtype.
  • Desktop or Web Options
    Choose native Windows or Linux applications OR choose TTerm Connect for zero client install, browser based HTML5 terminal emulation.
  • Industry Standard Encryption
    SSH, Telnet with SSL3/TLS/SSH Tunnel.
  • Language, Code Page Support
    Extensive Code Page support and Double Byte Character Set (DBCS) encoding.
  • Crossgrade Benefits
    Switch from a competitor's products and save up to 50% on new licenses. We offer assistance with script, macro and configuration conversion to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Flexible Licensing Options
    Named, concurrent, subscription or unlimited licenses available. Choose a licensing option that suits you.

To find out more about the benefits of our range of IBM TN3270 terminal emulators for connecting to your legacy systems, talk to our expert team today or try for yourself with a free 3270 terminal emulator download.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TN3270?

Early terminals and host systems utilized a range of proprietary technologies that governed everything from display, input, keyboard layout, communications protocols and more - in almost all cases these were incompatible with competitor's offerings. Historically, IBM 3270 and 5250 series terminals utilized IBM's proprietary Systems Network Architecture(SNA) protocol to define how they communicated with their respective host systems. SNA was a predecessor of the now ubiquitous TCP/IP suite of networking protocols that powers modern networks, including the internet.

The development of TN3270 was a crucial step in allowing a 3270 terminal emulator to communicate over a TCP/IP network instead of an SNA network. TN stands for telnet, an application protocol which permits communications via TCP.

What is required to use TN3270?

Establishing a host session utilizing TN3270 requires a terminal emulator that supports the protocol and an appropriate host system, typically an IBM mainframe or midrange system. TN3270 sessions support terminal and print data (such as the 3287 printer). Turbosoft has a variety of solutions for various platforms and organizations, both large and small, helping you access mission-critical data wherever you are.