TTWin 4, windows terminal emulator
Accurate Emulation for IBM TN3270 Terminals<
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IBM TN3270 Terminal Emulation for Windows®

flexible licensing
Flexible Licensing Options
Named, concurrent, subscription or unlimited licenses available. Choose a licensing option that suits you.  Find out more
Comprehensive Wyse Support
Compre­hensive 3270 Support
Emulator support for IBM TN3270 and TN3270e, 3279, 3278 terminals models 2,3,4,5 and IBM-DYNAMIC termtype.
switch to TTWin
Crossgrade Benefits
Switch from a competitor's products and save up to 50% on new licenses. We offer assistance with script, macro and configuration conversion to ensure a smooth transition.  Find out more
Industry Standard Encryption
Industry Standard Encryption
SSH, Telnet with SSL3/TLS/SSH Tunnel and ELF for 3270.  Full specifications
Windows 8 & 10 Compatible
For Windows operating systems including Windows 7, 8 and 10. 32bit and 64bit versions available.  Full specifications
Language and code page support
Language, Code Page Support
Extensive Code Page support and Double Byte Character Set (DBCS) encoding.
External APIs
External APIs
Control TTWin and access the host data stream via HLLAPI, ActiveX or Java.
File Transfer Support
File Transfer Support
Support for IND$FILE transfer, Send/Receive command line for IND$FILE, FTP and SFTP.
Citrix and Remote Desktop Services/VDI environments
Citrix® Compatible
Optimized for Citrix and Remote Desktop Services/VDI environments.

Paying too much for terminal emulation?
High Maintenance costs a problem?
Transitioning from obsolete or unmaintained software?

Make the switch to Turbosoft and save. Flexible licensing options and crossgrade discounts of up to 50% make it easy for organizations of every size to enjoy the support of a global leader in terminal emulation. You’ll enjoy cutting-edge performance, unparalleled emulation accuracy and powerful additional features, all at a price that helps you minimize your operating expenses.

We make it easy to get the best for your business. Choose to crossgrade to Turbosoft and benefit from the support of our specialist terminal emulation team throughout the handover. We'll work with you to convert configurations, scripts, macros and tailor TTWin's look and feel to enable a smooth and trouble-free transition to a modern, accurate and robust terminal emulator in TTWin 4. Enjoy all the features and benefits of the leading range of TN3270 terminal emulators, all without disruption to your existing workflows

Download a free, fully functional 30 day demo version of our terminal emulator for your 3270 series host system.

Or, let us convert your existing product configuration files and provide you with a trial version of TTWin suitable for replacing your current emulator.

TN3720 Terminal Emulator Software for All Platforms

With native clients for a range of desktop operating systems including Linux and Windows 10, our terminal emulators are the flexible choice for anyone looking to emulate the widely used IBM 3270 series. For businesses seeking a portable solution for emulation, we offer emulator software for iPads and Windows CE/Windows Mobile devices, helping you access mission-critical data wherever you are.

Organizations making use of thin clients or looking for a low maintenance alternative should consider TTerm Connect – a powerful TN3270 terminal emulator for the web. Running on any web-enabled device entirely within the browser and boasting full support for a range of communications modules including Telnet with SSL3/TLS/SSH Tunnel, TTerm Connect is the adaptable, secure choice for any business.

Why Choose Turbosoft’s TN3270 Emulation Software for Your Business?

Turbosoft prides itself on blending precision with performance. We understand the need for an accurate TN3270 emulation experience, but we take it further, including a variety of time-saving and productivity-boosting features in our software to enable you to make full use of your host system.

A tabbed UI allows you to maintain multiple sessions at once, switching between them instantaneously to allow fluid multitasking. Full keyboard re-mapping, scripting and hotspot technology allow you to truly make the interface your own, adding point-and-click functionality to rapidly complete complex tasks or execute an extended series of commands with a single click. Industry-standard encryption technology keeps mission-critical information secure without compromising productivity, offering the best of speed and safety. The result is a dramatic increase in the speed at which data can be written to or retrieved from your host system, breaking down barriers between devices and allowing your team to more efficiently go about their work.

Consider the range of IBM 3270 terminal emulators from Turbosoft for your business. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, no one understands your organization’s needs like Turbosoft. Speak to one of our consultants to find out how we could transform the way you connect to your legacy systems.