TTerm Connect, Web to Host Terminal Emulator
A fully featured, centrally managed, browser based terminal emulator with no client installation required.
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A Powerful, Flexible Browser-Based Terminal Emulator

any host, any device
Any Host, Any Device
With the widest terminal and transport support of any terminal emulator and a platform independent web-based client, TTerm Connect is the solution for host connectivity from any device.  Full specifications
Zero Client Install, HTML5 based
A terminal emulator built on common web technologies such as HTML5, CSS and Javascript, TTerm Connect requires only a web browser – no desktop software installation or client-side management.
Centralized Management
Centralized Management
Manage and monitor real-time and historical user activity from desktop or mobile devices. Configure host sessions and user access including LDAP/Active Directory support from the web based administration console.
Deployment Options
Deployment Options
Replace your desktop terminal emulation software with TTerm Connects web based multisession capable client or embed a session directly into your own public or internal website.
Session persistence and transfer
Session Persistence & Transfer
Prevent disconnections when working in challenging environments with limited network connectivity. Transfer sessions seamlessly between devices.  Find out more
Language and code page support
Language, Code Page Support
Extensive Code Page support and Double Byte Character Set (DBCS) encoding.
Industry Standard Encryption
Industry Standard Encryption
SSH, Telnet with SSL3/TLS/SSH Tunnel and ELF for 3270.  Full specifications
Built-in support tools
Built-in Support Tools
Monitor, track, terminate or perform live technical support on an end user’s host session.
flexible licensing
Flexible Licensing Options
Concurrent or unlimited licenses available. Choose a licensing option that suits your needs and budget.  Find out more

Desktop Terminal Emulator - TTerm Connect
Any Host. Any Device.

All the features of a desktop terminal emulator in a lightweight browser-based application. That means central control, no client installation, no plugins or desktop maintenance and compatibility with just about any device.

Combined with TTerm Connect’s comprehensive terminal support, including IBM 3270, 5250, Wyse, Televideo, DEC VT and many, many more this makes TTerm Connect a powerful solution for host connectivity to any host, from any device.

 See the full list of browsers and terminals supported.

Session Transfer.

Moving from a laptop to a desktop, from a phone to a tablet? No problem - TTerm Connect can transfer host sessions securely and seamlessly between devices whilst maintaining remote connections allowing you to continue working from where you left off.

 Read about session persistence and transfer

session transfer and persistence

Centralized administration.
Centralized Administration.

Centralized web based management allows user and group level access control, including LDAP/Active Directory support and gives administrators the power to configure, manage and monitor user activity in real time on desktop and mobile devices.

Terminate idle user sessions, view system usage data, manage license usage, deploy configurations and much more.

 See the full product specifications.

A web terminal emulator built on decades of experience

TTerm Connect is the latest product from Turbosoft, offering businesses even greater choice in how and where they access their data.

For more than 30 years, we have supported the efforts of businesses across the globe, helping them achieve new levels of productivity from legacy hardware. With TTerm Connect we’re further building on that success, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to deliver a browser-based terminal emulator that adapts to the fast pace and changing needs of your industry, providing a seamless working environment regardless of client-side device. Fully platform-agnostic, TTerm Connect is an online terminal emulator built on common technologies including HTML5, CSS and Javascript, providing a seamless, feature-rich experience on a range of devices.

Built on the same principles of emulation accuracy and broad support as our native Windows, Linux and iPad clients, TTerm Connect delivers the stellar quality businesses around the globe have come to expect from Turbosoft. A zero client install terminal emulator, TTerm Connect offers the functionality you need in an ultralight package, ideal for access on mobile devices and thin clients. Running with no install on the client’s device and offering centralized configuration, monitoring and management tools, TTerm Connect simplifies administration processes, eliminating the need for repeated maintenance tasks and reducing your immediate and ongoing expenditure. Operating fully in the browser further reduces maintenance costs, obviating the need for maintaining individual desktops and devices while still delivering the best terminal emulator experience on Mac, Windows, Linux and mobile devices.

Flexible deployment options allow on-the-go and remote access to host systems, allowing your staff to deliver faster, better customer service wherever they are. A modern UI extends the functionality of the terminal, allowing touch interaction through Hotspots and the automation of complicated tasks through macros all without compromising core terminal functionality. The TTerm Connect API allows the terminal emulator to be embedded in the web page of your choice, providing simple, integrated access to your host system to all users.

Trust your core infrastructure to a global leader in terminal emulation

Since 1988, Turbosoft’s sole business has been terminal emulation. That dedication and focus have made us one of the most knowledgeable and experienced developers of terminal emulators in the world, and it’s expertise we’re glad to be able to share with you.

We understand the vital importance of maintaining the accessibility of your mission-critical data, so we offer clients access to ongoing support and maintenance from our team of specialist terminal emulation support staff. Maintenance holders, receive prompt, accurate support from a team that is actively updating and enhancing our products, helping to keep downtime to an absolute minimum and protect the profitability of your business.

Turbosoft understands the importance of delivering a service that aligns with your business needs and goals, so we offer a range of tailored packages to suit organizations of every shape on budgets of every size. Concurrent licensing solutions provide flexible access to our programs that minimize your total cost of ownership, while a range of subscription models allow you to tailor your package to your business’ precise needs.

Start a conversation with the team at Turbosoft today to find out how we could transform the way your business maintains and accesses mission-critical data. Download a free trial using the button below or make an enquiry via our contact form and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Turbosoft and TTerm Connect – your bridge between the past and the future of your business.