For Tandem (now known as HPE NonStop) systems, Turbosoft provides a full range of Tandem T6530/653x terminal emulators. Our implementation includes support for both Block and Conversational modes with all aspects of the terminal implemented. Tandem emulators are available in TTWin, TTerm Connect and TTWinCE. Additionally, these products support more than 80 different terminals, including TN3270, VT220, Wyse50/60 and numerous others, allowing connection to a wide variety of systems from the one package.

From Tandem to HPE NonStop

Tandem was a computer manufacturer that produced NonStop fault-tolerant systems in competition with Stratus Technology, amongst others. These systems were typically used for applications where reliability was paramount. In the late 1990s, Tandem was acquired by Compaq (who were in turn acquired by Hewlett Packard), who continue to develop Tandem product lines under the HPE NonStop brand.

For businesses requiring rock-solid, fault-tolerant machines for day-to-day operations, Tandem is synonymous with quality, leading to their host systems persisting in industries requiring the utmost in accuracy and the highest levels of uptime, most notably seeing applications in transaction processing in finance.

What Turbosoft Offers For Tandem 6530 Terminal Emulation

As specialist terminal emulation developers, Turbosoft provide the most accurate emulating software in the market. We offer a range of products suitable for Tandem T6530/653x Terminal Emulation, integrating seamlessly with your current hardware. Accurate, robust and proven emulations ensure that downtime is kept to a minimum, an important distinction for many industries utilizing the Tandem product line. We are actively developing our range of terminal emulation products to ensure our solutions are up to date and compatible with the latest operating systems and customer requirements.

For these seeking a web based solution, TTerm Connect requires zero client side installation and works with modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Edge from any device. TTerm Connect offers a secure, indirect connection to your NonStop host system and DOES NOT REQUIRE any JAVA, Active X components or special browser legacy/compatibility modes.

Turbosoft emulation software delivers the rich functionality, precision emulation and productivity-boosting features your business needs to succeed. Designed for seamless interaction with your Tandem host system, our emulators come pre-equipped with a range of time-saving features built to make accessing your legacy systems that much simpler and faster. Hotspots allow users to introduce GUI point-and-click functionality into the terminal environment, customizing the interface with context-sensitive elements that allow you to trigger events, load macros, run scripts and access other programs. Fully remappable key bindings allow users to further customize the environment for comfort and ergonomics, while industry-standard data security features protect your information as it moves to and from your legacy system.

For Windows® Systems

Our fully-featured desktop application TTWin has been continually developed over many years. An ideal solution for robust T653x terminal emulation and provides the features you need to make full use of your legacy system.

For Windows CE® and Windows Mobile® Systems

TTWinCE is a suitable option for handheld devices, including warehouse stock scanning. Combined with your Tandem HPE NonStop products, it's reliable and robust solution.

For Linux® Systems

TTerm For Linux is a native Linux application that works with the full range of terminals and protocols. Ideal for low power devices (thin clients) or full desktops, it's able to support all TTWin terminals and communications.

For iPad®

Turbosoft supports Tandem Emulation for iPad® through our TTerm Pro App.

Web to Host Terminal Emulation

Turbosoft's Web to Host Terminal Emulator TTerm Connect is a flexible solution for Tandem terminal emulation. No longer do you have to choose between reliability and portability; instead, access your server from any location through our web-based platform. Fully platform-agnostic and requiring zero client install or maintenance, TTerm Connect is an excellent choice for system administrators tasked with ensuring safe, reliable and continuous access to a host system by a distributed workforce. As a modern HTML5 solution TTerm Connect DOES NOT REQUIRE any JAVA, Active X components or special browser legacy/compatibility modes

Solutions for Hewlett Packard Emulation:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HPE NonStop / Tandem?

Tandem was a manufacturer of fault tolerant, high reliability computer systems, founded in 1974. Tandem was bought out by Compaq, who later merged with Hewlett Packard. Tandem products have evolved into the range of systems Hewlett Packard Enterprise markets as HPE NonStop.

What is a Tandem system?

A Tandem host system is a server designed for maximum uptime and fault tolerance, features that are highly desirable in industries such as those concerned with processing financial transactions. Tandem's fault tolerance was achieved by designing a system with multiple redundancies, so that it can continue to operate even if one or more components fail. Additionally, Tandem products were also designed so that faulty components could be replaced without shutting down the entire system.

About Turbosoft Terminal Emulation

Turbosoft are an industry leader in the terminal emulation market. Established in the late 1980s, we have decades of experience, uniquely positioning us to develop and provide the widest range of terminal emulation products. From HTML5 terminal emulators through to handheld options, you'll be sure to find a solution that meets your organization's requirements.

We also offer a high level of service and maintenance to our customers, ensuring you receive the support you need to keep your system operational at all times. Whether you're in the market to replace your Tandem HPE NonStop terminal emulator, or another such as a 3270 emulator, our friendly team are here to help with your transition.

Download a free trial of our terminal emulation software today, or get in touch with one of our experts for further assistance.