By default, the TTerm Connect Desktop Client displays the TTerm Connect logo. If required, this logo may be replaced with your own organization logo or a custom image of your choice.

  This feature is available in TTerm Connect 2.0 and above.

The image below shows the standard TTerm Connect Desktop Client login and a version with custom contact details.

Customized TTerm Connect Desktop login page.
The default login page on the left, a customized page on the right.

To do this, you will need to add an image file to a specific directory location on your webserver. When a login page is displayed to your end user TTerm Connect will look for your custom login image first.

Should the custom image be unavailable or removed, the default TTerm Connect logo image will be displayed instead.

Adding a Custom Login Page Logo

Add a file named login_logo.png file at the location html/custom/images/login_logo.png in your webservers TTerm Connect directory. This directory will already exist in your installation.

The image must conform to the following requirements:

  • The filename must be login_logo.png
  • The format must be a .png file (8 or 24 bit).
  • The image will be displayed at a maximum width of 280px. It is recommended the image be created to this exact width as larger images will simply be scaled down and result in unnecessarily large file download sizes.
  • Suggested height is ~70px.
  • For seamless display the image should have either a transparent background or a grey background (#F5F5F5).

 Any updates applied to your TTerm Connect installation will not remove this custom image file.

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