Users of Turbosoft Windows® Terminal Emulator TTWin may import existing TTWin4 configurations into TTerm Connect. To do so, follow these steps.

Open TTWin4 on a Windows system.

  1. Ensure that TTWin4 is version or above. This can be confirmed by selecting Help > About > Version from the program menu.
  2. From the program menu select File > Export Configurations.
  3. In the window that appears check the .TWC configuration files from the list of available files, select a destination directory and file name (FILE.TTEXP) and, finally, click Export.

Now open the TTerm Connect Administrator Portal in a browser and log in.

  1. In TTerm Connect, navigate to the Profiles Configuration page.
  2. Select Import and, in the Import Configuration File panel that appears, click or tap Browse to navigate to the exported .TTEXP file.
  3. Click or tap Upload.
Importing a .ttexp file into TTerm Connect from TTWin4.
Importing a .ttexp file into TTerm Connect from TTWin4.

At this point TTerm Connect will present a pop up window displaying the resources contained within the .TTEXP file.

A profile consists of a single .TWC file which contains configuration options and, additionally, a set of resources which define settings such as character and keyboard mapping, hotspot definitions, color schemes and so on. A .TTEXP file may contain multiple profiles depending on the selections made exporting from TTWin4.

Resources in the opened ttexp file.
Resources available within the ttexp file.

In TTWin4 resources (for example color schemes) may be shared by more than one profile so, if an .TTEXP has previously been imported some of the resources it contains may show as already existing on the TTerm Connect server. Prior to completing the import there are options for renaming or overwriting these resources. The import also displays supporting resources are required by each profile.

  1. Select the resources required for import into TTerm Connect.
  2. Under the General tab for each profile select a user account to define as an 'owner'. By default this will be the currently logged in account. To assign another user account enter the username or search for the username required. Should the resource already exist on the server a notification will be displayed along with options to automatically or manually rename the resource.
  3. The Access Tab specifies which users or groups should be able to use this resource. You may tie a resource to a specific user OR a specific group, not both.
Can I Import Configurations From Other Turbosoft Software?

No. At present, importing configurations from other Turbosoft products such as TTerm for iPad® and TTWin CE is not supported.

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