This can be accomplished via two methods. The first, and easiest, is to make all your session changes and save them to TTWin's default configuration file (default.twc). When you save session changes to the default .twc file every time TTWin opens it will start with your configuration options.

The second method is to specify an alternate predefined configuration on start-up. You will need to create your desired configuration in TTWin and save it by selecting File > Save Configuration as... from the program menu. You'll then need to create a shortcut to TTWin and add a command line option that points to this configuration file. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Right click on your desktop and select New > Create Shortcut.
  2. Locate the ttwin.exe file using the browse button, typically the output will be similar to this example: C:\Program Files\Turbosoft\TTWin 4\ttwin4.exe.
  3. Append the name of your .twc after the command line. If your .twc file is NOT located in the default user directory you will need to provide an absolute path. Your shortcut line will be something like this "C:\Program Files\Turbosoft\TTWin 4\ttwin4.exe" my5250.twc
  4. Click the next button.
  5. If you wish, change the name of the shortcut, and then click finish.

Now when you open your new shortcut TTWin will start using the configuration file you specified.

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