Sometimes there are situations where you may wish to prevent a user from closing the TTWin program or the active session without first cleanly logging off from the host system. This is a setting which is available in TTWin but, in order to prevent an end user (as opposed to an administrator) from modifying such a setting, it is controlled from within TTWin's session configuration or .twc file.

To set TTWin to force a log off from the host before allowing session or program close set the following parameter in the session configuration file (.twc)


By default this setting is set to 1. Setting to 0 will prevent a program or session close whilst a host connection remains active.

Note that this feature requires the host to support a disconnection as opposed to, for example, simply re-displaying a login prompt when a user logs out. Failure of the host system to do so may prevent the user from closing the TTWin program or session.

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