To prevent a user from closing the TTerm for Linux program or an active session without first logging off from the remote host set the following parameter in any profile: General > Session Setting > Allow manual disconnect.

 This procedure may differ for other Turbosoft software.

This feature is available in other Turbosoft products but may be applied slightly differently. Please ensure you refer to the knowledgebase item relating to your particular product for further details.

This will prevent the program or session being closed whilst a session instance of that profile remains active and notify the user that that must log off from the host system before TTerm for Linux will permit either the session of the application to be closed.

Note that this feature requires the host to support a disconnection when a user logs out as opposed to, for example, simply re-displaying a login prompt. Failure of the host system to do so may prevent the user from closing the TTerm for Linux program or session.

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