A 404 error is the standard HTTP error code for 'page not found'.

When attempting to view the TTerm Connect Administrator portal and encountering this error, the most likely cause is simply a mistyped URL. If you typed an address directly into your web browser check this address is correct and try again.

Less likely is the possibility that the TTerm Connect Web Administration portal may be misconfigured or changes to your server file system have caused issues. Locate and edit the tterm.ini configuration file. On a Windows system you can typically find this in C:\ProgramData\Turbosoft\TTerm Connect.

Open the tterm.ini file in a text editor and locate the configuration item WebAdminDir=filepath and ensure that the directory location that filepath is pointing to contains the files that TTerm Connect is expecting, namely a collection of HTML files and supporting materials.

 Exercise caution when editing.

Exercise caution when editing the tterm.ini file as an invalid configuration may prevent TTerm Connect from operating.

If the error persists contact Turbosoft support.

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