Embedded TTerm Connect is a special mode of TTerm Connect where an instance of TTerm Connect can be added to your own webpage, either custom built or existing. It requiring some competence in web development (Javascript, html etc) to deploy. Please note that these error codes are not relevant to users of TTerm Connect's built-in Desktop Client.

TTerm Connect's core Javascript libraries will supply basic error message which are generally just a number. Your implementation may add it's own text content in a format or language best suited to your end users. With this in mind, be aware that the error codes described in this article may be embellished with extra content depending on how your organization has chosen to implement TTerm Connect in it's webpages.

More information on the error codes listed below can be found in the embedded documentation included with your TTerm Connect installation.

error: 70

This indicates that no valid profile was selected.

Confirm that the specified profile property in the page Javascript matches a created profile name (check spelling, for example) in the dashboard and that the profiles access rules are valid and permit usage in the context it was accessed.

error: 401

This indicates an unauthorized request.

If the session was opened as a guest user then this error suggests that guest access is not enabled on the server or that the profile does not have an access rule for guests. If the user attempting to access the profile was named, confirm that an access rule exists on the profile for that user explicitly or a group that they have membership to.

error: 950

This indicates a failure to connect to an emulation service.

Possible explanations for this are an incorrect server address when calling TTermSession.Service or, that the emulation services have been stopped, either manually or because the server has been put into maintenance mode. Check the Administrator Portal and confirm the Server and Services are online.

error: 970

This indicates a failure to connect to the Connection Manager component of TTerm Connect.

Check for issues with network connectivity and ensure the server is running. In a multi-server environment configured for load-balancing this message will only be seen if none of the servers in the pool responds.

error: 980

This indicates the HTML elements TTerm Connect needs to attach a session to the document are not present in the webpage. Each page must have a fragment of HTML in the body for a session to attach to:

<div class='ttermConnect'>
    <div id='ttw_termwrapper1'> </div>

Refer to your embedded documentation for more details.

error: 988

This indicates a required resource, for example a font file, could not be loaded. This is indicative of a connectivity issue with the (Apache/IIS) webserver hosting the TTerm Connect webpage rather than a TTerm Connect server or a missing file on the webserver.

To fix, confirm the file exists on your webserver. Hard clear the cache and history on the end user browser.

error: 990 or error: 992

This indicates the TTerm Connect server failed to respond to a request within an allotted time span. This error could occur for a variety of reasons such as a network outage or server side issue.

These two errors differ only in their origin. Error 990 will be seen when attempting to authenticate with TTerm Connect and establishing an initial server connection. Error 992 will be displayed when launching a host session. Note that 992 does not refer to a communications error between the webclient and the remote host, instead it refers to a communications error between the webclient and the TTerm Connect server.

If using SSH check any host username and password details specified in the profile configuration are correct. Check also that the profile is correctly configured according to the requirements of the host system.

For details on error codes that are passed to the session.Initialize callback refer to the TTerm Connect Javascript API document.

If a host connection is established but ends unexpectedly a user may see one of the following messages:

error: 972

This indicates the connection to the Connection Manager component of TTerm Connect has been unexpectedly lost. Check for issues with network connectivity and ensure the server is running.

notice: 991

This message is displayed when an administrator remotely closes (kills) a session through the Administrator's Dashboard. This is not an error but is simply displayed to provide the end user with an explanation for why their session abruptly closed.

error: 1006

This message indicates the websocket for an individual session has unexpectedly closed. Network connectivity issues outside of TTerm Connect may be the cause.

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