With the imminent release of Turbosoft's terminal emulator for iPad and iPhone we take a look at the increasing role of the mobile device in the enterprise.

 TTerm for iPad now been released.

Turbosoft's terminal emulator App -TTerm for iPad - has now been released. Click here  to view TTerm for iPad on the App Store.

iWorkplace Protocols

In recent times Apple has begun to showcase the iPad as a power tool for business in addition to it's established credentials as a consumer device. It's easy to integrate into corporate environments with built in support for Microsoft Exchange, VPN access and enterprise grade wi-fi network authentication (802.1X).

Apple devices also support Mobile Device Management (MDM). This allows various third party vendor management products to centrally enroll, secure, configure and administer mobile devices like an iPad or iPhone across corporate networks. In combination with delivery programs like Apple's Volume Purchase Program , which allow developers like Turbosoft to customize and distribute Apps in volume for client organizations through private channels on the App Store, this offers a real end to end system for the management and deployment of enterprise grade solutions on the iPad.

For Turbosoft the iPad is a natural fit. A significant proportion of our customers operate in larger corporate or government institutions and as the iPad gains traction in the workplace we'll be there, offering them an enterprise grade terminal emulation solution.

Crafting a Terminal Emulator for the iPad and iPhone

Here are a few ways that we've tailored our terminal emulator for the iOS platform.


We've talked about hotspots in our Windows terminal emulator TTWin before. Hotspots are dynamically generated buttons which overlay terminal text or can be configured to display in fixed positions. They're especially useful for menu driven legacy applications and, on a touch screen device like the iPad, they're perfect for adding a more natural layer for interaction with a legacy host system.

Custom Soft-Keyboards

Custom keyboards split the terminal keyboard into smaller, more usable keyboards based on frequency of use. For users who want to use full sized replicas of the original terminal keyboards, we offer that too. Additionally, international language keyboards and DBCS support are offered where supported by the terminal.

Multiple Session support

Just like our windows products our iPad and iPhone terminal emulator will be able to run simultaneous multiple host sessions. You'll be able run and switch between sessions as needed.


We understand that security is extremely important to our users and we have implemented all the features that you come to expect including SSH, Telnet over SSL2/SSL3/TLS, Telnet over SSH tunnel and ELF for IBM 3270 hosts.

Terminal Coverage

When it comes to terminal coverage, Turbosoft offers the widest range of terminals on the market and that's a tradition we intend to uphold on the iPad and iPhone. This includes supporting IBM 3270 terminal emulation, 5250 emulation, Stratus, Televideo, Tandem and many, many more.

Currently, we’re testing and finalizing our Terminal Emulator App for submission to the App Store. To stayed informed and be first to know when our App is available follow us on twitter .

TTerm for iPad® is a range of comprehensive enterprise grade terminal emulation apps for iPad device.

Built with the robust and proven emulations that our Windows products are renowned for, TTerm for iPad is a cost-effective investment for businesses looking for an iPad-compatible terminal emulator.

For product information and technical specifications, visit the TTerm for iPad product page or find us on the App Store!