Last year something amazing happened. For the first time1 smart phones and tablets out shipped traditional desktop PCs.

 TTerm for iPad now been released.

Turbosoft's terminal emulator App TTerm for iPad - has now been released. Click here  to view TTerm for iPad on the App Store.

That's not the only change either, more and more tablets and smartphones are finding there way out of the hands of personal users and into the workplace. Portability and usability are two key reasons why the iPad in particular has captured the attention of business.

At Turbosoft, our terminal emulation software caters mostly to a business, government or education audience – our users are generally linked to an organization that maintains it's own host systems or customers of such an organization. So for us, as the iOS platform continues to find success with business it's a natural move to expand our range of host connectivity solutions to Apple devices.

We're excited to announce that we're hard at work putting the finishing touches on our brand new Terminal Emulator app for iPad and iPhone. Just like our premier Windows terminal emulator TTWin 4, our iPad and iPhone apps will offer an enterprise grade solution with a focus on data security and comprehensive terminal coverage.

Volume Purchase Program

Of course, you'll be able to purchase Turbosoft software through the App Store in the same way that you currently do for any other app. However for business users and those looking to roll out a terminal emulation solution across a number of iPads or iPhones you'll be happy to know that Turbosoft will also be participating in Apples' Volume Purchase Program.

What does this mean? Well, the Volume Purchase Program is a scheme for delivering B2B apps in a way that allows end users to manage and deploy in volume across an entire workforce. It also allows us to deliver customized App versions meaning we can create unique, tailored Apps that are specific to your terminal emulation needs and environment. Do you only need a couple of emulations? Want your terminal emulation App to automatically connect to just a single predefined host? Want to implement custom graphics and user interface elements that show your company branding? No problem! Unique, customized Apps can be offered privately and in volume directly through the app store.

What's more, we will continue to offer discounts to educational and non-profits directly through the Volume Purchase Program.

Currently, we're busy putting the finishing touches on our new Terminal Emulator app for iPad and iPhone. To stayed informed and be first to know when our app is available follow us on twitter .

[1] https://www.canalys.com/newsroom/smart-phones-overtake-client-pcs-2011

TTerm for iPad® is a range of comprehensive enterprise grade terminal emulation apps for iPad device.

Built with the robust and proven emulations that our Windows products are renowned for, TTerm for iPad is a cost-effective investment for businesses looking for an iPad-compatible terminal emulator.

For product information and technical specifications, visit the TTerm for iPad product page or find us on the App Store!