A powerful toolkit for software developers. Turbosoft provides a flexible, customizable solution for developers looking to add terminal emulation capabilities to their applications. TTerm for .NET is a more secure, effective way for your application to connect to host systems, providing developers with the ability to create seamless access to a legacy host, offering complete control over the management and visibility of all data. Designed from the ground up for rapid integration into ongoing projects, TTerm for .NET provides an effective yet simple to use terminal emulator solution for C# and VB.NET applications.

Why TTerm for .NET

Enjoy the best of both worlds. TTerm for .NET allows developers to simultaneously leverage the stability and reliability of legacy host systems without compromising on the legibility and ease of use associated with more modern Windows applications.

Allowing full control over the data stream, TTerm for .NET goes beyond simple screen-scraping, giving developers the power to craft precisely the user experience they want. Connect via Secure Shell, telnet or Hewlett Packard’s NS/VT and future-proof your operations with IPv6 support.

Turbosoft – a Partner to Your Business

Since 1988, Turbosoft has been supporting organizations around the globe with smart, adaptable solutions that bridge the gap between their host systems and the rest of their digital infrastructure. Our commitment to accuracy and precision in emulation is legendary, as is our devotion to our customers – take advantage of our ongoing maintenance program and know that you’ll always have the support of an experienced and knowledgeable team dedicated to helping your business succeed.

TTerm for .NET is offered alongside a range of native terminal emulators for Windows, Linux, iPad, and other platforms. More than terminals are supported in our flagship product – TTWin 4 – allowing the platform to replace individual terminal emulators for IBM 3270/5250 terminals, DEC VT series, and Tandem/HP NonStop systems.

No obligation, free evaluation copies of TTerm for .NET are available for download.

Learn how your business could be better supported on Turbosoft and take advantage of generous crossgrade discounts when you migrate to the TTWin family. Speak to one of our team today to begin the process.

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