Protect your organization's most important asset. Turbosoft understands that the security of your business' data is paramount, so we've integrated industry-standard security measures into our terminal emulation software.

We understand the complexities of integrating legacy systems into a modern IT infrastructure in a time of enhanced awareness around data security. Many of the host systems still in operation around the world are used in sensitive, essential, and highly regulated sectors such as healthcare, finance, and government. The sensitivity of the data held on these systems means that for organizations in these sectors, only the highest levels of security will do.

Unfortunately, many of the host systems in use were designed and built prior to the invention of modern encryption technology, leaving them potentially vulnerable to penetration. This can be especially troubling when these systems require the use of unencrypted and obsolete protocols such as Telnet.

Secure Terminal Emulation

Turbosoft offers a solution. Our family of terminal emulators allows secure Telnet connections via SSL2/SSL3/TLS tunnel, ideal when there is a requirement to use Telnet such as when emulating an IBM 5250 or 3270 terminal. Additionally, our terminal emulators support connection via SSH, as well as SSH tunnelling for Telnet, providing our clients with the access of Telnet enhanced by modern security.

Connecting Your Legacy Systems to the World

Since 1988, Turbosoft has devoted itself to developing the best, most accurate terminal emulators on the market. Our products are in use in some of the most secure and restricted environments around the world. In high-pressure environments such as banking, automotive manufacturing, airlines, and defense, there's no margin for error.

Turbosoft's dedication to exact reproduction of the original terminal's functionality combined with our drive to consistently improve the productivity of our clients through time-saving automation and customization features has made us a favorite of organizations across these sectors. With an unparalleled level of experience in terminal emulation development and fast and effective support staff, we're the easy choice for any business that relies on legacy host systems as an essential part of their infrastructure.

Our terminal emulators come equipped with a range of advanced features designed to make your data more accessible in a modern IT environment. Scripting and automation technology allows users to minimize repetitive tasks, while hotspot functionality brings the familiar and convenient point-and-click interface into the command prompt environment, allowing users to quickly access web pages, scripts, and other applications. We're focused on protecting your data, regularly pushing updates to our secure terminal emulators to ensure that you're always working in the safest environment possible. With more than 80 emulations offered in our flagship TTWin 4 software package, you'll be able to access multiple host systems from multiple manufacturers all from the same device.

Compatible Terminal Emulators for Windows, Linux, iPad and More

Turbosoft provides local clients for a range of devices, from scanner-equipped Windows CE devices to Linux desktop systems, iPads and Windows devices. Businesses looking for a more flexible, single-deployment option should consider TTerm Connect, a web-to-host alternative allowing access to your host system from any web-enabled device.

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