Equip your business with the tools it needs to succeed. Turbosoft are proud to offer organizations around the globe access to TTWin 4, a leading terminal emulation platform for Windows. Designed to deliver the highest level of emulation accuracy and the broadest support, TTWin 4 precisely emulates more than 80 terminals, all in a single package.

With more than three decades of experience, Turbosoft is an international leader in terminal emulation. Since 1988, our sole goal has been to develop and deliver the tools businesses need to bridge the gap between legacy systems and modern devices, helping them make full use of their host systems. With a team of talented and skilled specialist emulation developers, you can trust Turbosoft to provide the best terminal emulator experience on Windows, Linux and a range of mobile platforms.

Go beyond emulation with our productivity boosting terminal software

Tandem was a computer manufacturer that produced NonStop fault-tolerant systems in competition with Stratus Technology, among others. These systems were typically used for financial applications, such as transactional networks where reliability was paramount. In the late 1990s, Tandem was acquired by Compaq (who were in turn acquired by Hewlett Packard), who continue to develop Tandem product lines under the HP NonStop brand.

What Turbosoft Offers For Tandem Terminal Emulation

Turbosoft products are built from the ground up to offer the best possible user experience for organizations making use of legacy systems. In addition to offering the highest levels of emulation accuracy for superior display and data handling, TTWin 4 incorporates a range of intelligent features designed to streamline the process of working with your host system.

Key features include:

  • Customizable hotspots – introduce point-and-click functionality into the terminal environment, allowing users to create links to web pages, invoke other applications and access scripts and menu commands using the mouse. 
  • Multi-session support – work simultaneously across multiple terminal sessions, switching between them via a tabbed interface. 
  • Powerful scripting tools – automate tasks using our simple and effective scripting language, based on Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). 
  • Industry standard data encryption – SSL2/SSL3/TLS and SFTP protocols available 
  • Full keyboard remapping – map text strings, macros, host sequences and emulation keys to any key combination. 

Don’t just emulate your host system’s original hardware terminal, enhance it with Turbosoft and TTWin 4. 

Ongoing Support Available

Your host system is an essential part of your business. Protect your access to mission-critical data with our ongoing maintenance packages. Maintenance holders are provided with timely expert support from an experienced and knowledgeable team, ensuring that the help you need is never far away. 

Priority on call support helps you to minimize downtime and losses while maximize productivity and profitability, allowing you to conduct your business with greater confidence. With access to some of the most knowledgeable and talented terminal emulator technicians in the world, your infrastructure is in safe hands when you choose to invest in support from Turbosoft. Speak to one of our consultants to learn more. 

A Terminal Emulation Solution That Works Where You Do

To ensure that every organization has access to an industry-leading terminal emulation experience, TTWin 4 runs natively on a range of Windows devices. Our emulation software is fully compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7 in both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures, as well as all Windows Server releases from 2008 onwards, giving you real flexibility in how and where you deploy the TTWin 4 terminal emulator suite. Requiring only a minimal installation footprint, it’s ideal for thin clients and lightweight computers. 

Businesses leveraging portable devices running Windows as part of their operations can take advantage of TTWinCE – a full-featured terminal emulator running natively on Windows CE. Offering the accuracy, the support and the flexibility of its desktop counterpart, TTWinCE delivers the emulation functionality you need on scanners, tablets and other small form factor Windows devices. 

For organizations looking for a platform-agnostic solution that’s fully compatible with devices beyond the Windows ecosystem, consider TTerm Connect. Our newest product, TTerm Connect offers accurate terminal emulation entirely through a web browser, simplifying maintenance and eliminating the need for client install. For help finding the right product for your workplace, start a conversation with our team today. 

The Smarter Choice For Your Organization

Download a free trial TTWin 4 today and discover why organizations around the world choose Turbosoft as their terminal emulation provider. 

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