Licensing TTerm for Linux is a two-step process: uploading a license certificate and then activating that certificate.

A license certificate is provided by Turbosoft or a Turbosoft distributor in the form of a .key file. If you do not have a license file but have purchased TTerm for Linux please contact your Turbosoft representative.

To import the license select Help > About from the program menu and select the License tab. Click the Upload License button and locate your license file.

Once successfully imported TTerm for Linux will attempt to activate the license automatically.

License Activation

License activation is a one-time process which stamps a license certificate with a unique identifier and completes the licensing process. There are two activation methods, in program activation (online) or manual activation (offline).

In Program Activation

In Program Activation of a license is the default method and is an automated, transparent process.

When a license file is added to TTerm for Linux the program will attempt to automatically submit the file to the Turbosoft license servers where it will be stamped and returned to the installation. Once the license is activated TTerm for Linux will be fully licensed and functional.

In situations where a TTerm for Linux installation has limited or no access to external networks In Program Activation will not be possible as TTerm for Linux will not be able to directly communication with the Turbosoft license servers.

In such a scenario TTerm for Linux will report the license activation as incomplete and offer manual activation.

Manual Activation

Where an In Program Activation attempt has failed TTerm for Linux will provide an intermediate license file (.act). Manually activating a license requires downloading this file and then uploading it to a Turbosoft web page from a device that does have internet access. The file will then be processed and returned for upload back into TTerm for Linux.

When a valid license has been uploaded into TTerm for Linux but has not yet been activated TTerm for Linux will function in a fully licensed state for a grace period of seven (7) days. During this time the activation must be completed or TTerm for Linux will revert to an unlicensed state.

To manually activate TTerm for Linux follow these steps:

  1. Click Download .act (Offline Activation) to retrieve an .act file.
  2. Save the resulting .act file.
  3. Copy this file to a computer or device that has internet access.
  4. Open a browser to https://mercury.ttwin.com/ttermforlinux
  5. Fill out the activation form that appears on this page, selecting the .act file from the local device. Once completed the form will return a direct link to download the activated license file. Optionally, enter an email address where the newly activated certificate will also be sent.
  6. Select the Retrieve Certificate File button to submit the activation form.

A link will then be presented which will download a new .key certificate file and, if email details were entered in step 5, the file will also be sent to the nominated email address.

Transfer the file to the device running TTerm for Linux to complete the process.

  1. Start TTerm for Linux and select Help > About from the program menu.
  2. Select the License tab, click the Upload License button and locate the activated .key file.

The license file details will be loaded into TTerm for Linux and display as valid. TTerm for Linux is now licensed and fully functional.

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