Access Settings enable TTerm for iPad to run in several modes where editing and creation of host connections can be restricted. Access levels can be changed by tapping the Settings menu item. There are three access level settings:

  • Unrestricted - unrestricted access allows full access to create or otherwise modify saved host connections. It is the default TTerm for iPad Access Level.
  • Restricted - restricted access hides and prevents the editing of saved username and password credentials. This setting is most useful for securing host login details in the event of a device falling into the hands of an unauthorized user. When in restricted mode, these username and password configuration items will be greyed out and display a small padlock graphic.
  • Kiosk - Kiosk mode is the most restrictive access level. Typically it is most useful when you (an administrator) may be configuring an iPad for use by another individual (the user) and you wish to prevent that user from accessing or altering the TTerm for iPad settings that have been created. It prevents the user from editing, creating, duplicating or importing saved connections. Essentially, this setting limits the user to connecting to a host system using the existing connections. When in kiosk mode buttons related to editing or creating connections will not be available from the connections screen.

Changing between access levels requires a 4 digit passcode. The first time you attempt to change from Unrestricted to any other access level you will be prompted to create a new passcode.

Access levels can be copied to other devices along with saved connections as part of the App wide import/export function. For more information refer to the article of management, configuration and deployment options .

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