A hotspot is a dynamically created button which is overlaid on the terminal screen and triggers a predefined event when clicked or tapped. When combined with a macro, any text on the terminal display can be turned into a clickable (or tappable for those users on tablets of phones) button which opens a new webpage using the underlying text as the destination URL.

To set up a Hotspot, you'll need to configure a profile, a set of configuration options that is used to generate a session to a host. In the profile editor the hotspot options are located under the Hotspots tab.

Hotspot match text configuration.
The Hotspots tab contains options for selecting and creating hotspots for use with the profile.

Hotspots are highly flexible, but in general they need two basic things. Text to match on and an action to perform when triggered.

To match a specific URL enter the desired string as it will appear during the host session in the Text to Match configuration option.

To match ANY URL we must use wildcards. In the Text to Match configuration option simply enter https*.

Now enter a single space in the Post Match Characters field. This lets TTerm Connect know where the end of the hotspot should be.

Lastly enable the Use Wildcards option. Here's how your configuration should look:

Hotspot match text configuration.
The Text to Match option determines which terminal text is transformed into a clickable button.

Next, add an action. At the far right of the Action / Send String the blue light globe button will open the Macro Assistant, a tool that helps us create macros for automating functions without the need to type out complex macro strings.

Hotspot action configuration.
The Action / Send String determines what happens when a hotspot is triggered. TTerm Connect can send a string to the host or, for the widest range of functions, run a macro.

In the Macro Assistant add a token and select Function as the token type.

Select HotspotURL from the list of functions. This macro function opens a new web page using the text it's attached to as the URL.

The Macro Assistant
Configuring a macro to open a new web page.

Select Add/Update Token, then Save the macro and lastly, save the profile.

When configured using wildcards TTerm Connect will create buttons out of any text that begins with http (including secure and insecure contexts like https://www.website.com and http://www.website.com). When clicked or tapped these buttons will open a new web browser tab using the underlying text as the destination URL

 External URLs require user approval.

TTerm Connect notifies the user and requests their approval before opening the new page in a blank tab. It's important that your user is always aware that they are being directed to an external URL.

Macro Assistant settings for the URL macro.
Macro Assistant settings for the URL macro.