The growth of cloud technology has led to some industry commentators to suggest that cloud solutions are due to replace mainframe technologies. However, this is a misconception as mainframe computers are excellent supporting tools for cloud technology.

Mainframes and legacy systems can work very effectively in cloud-based environments. Mainframes are designed to be long-term, flexible, scalable systems and by nature integrate well with open standards interfaces. Mainframe technology continues to be flexible and innovative, so that effectiveness and reliability continue to grow in mainframe machines.

As the implementation of cloud technology is based on infrastructure and software, there is no reason why mainframe computers cannot continue to play an important role in the infrastructure of an IT system. Indeed, mainframes do not appear to be in decline or in the process of becoming obsolete, as the uptake of mainframes around the world appears to be increasing.

Mainframes can continue to support cloud technology by functioning as vital elements in cloud-friendly IT infrastructures. Many organizations are looking to streamline dispersed, complex systems or servers and consolidate these into single, more manageable, and cost-effective systems (mainframes) that can be used across multiple locations. In doing so, their IT infrastructures can become cheaper to run, more secure, unified, and mobile friendly.