Take a video tour of the new features in TTerm for iPad 1.1, now available in the App Store.

TTerm for iPad offers multi session capability, custom on screen keyboards, support for wireless keyboards and keyboard mapping, custom hotspots for touch interaction and more.

TTerm Apps come in a number of flavors differing only in the terminals types supported.

  • TTerm - specializing in host connectivity for Unix hosts over SSH and telnet.
  • TTerm Plus - all the terminals of TTerm with additional support for ADM 11, AIX terminals (IBM 3101, 3151, 3164 color) and Wyse terminals (Wyse 50+, Wyse 60 and Wyse 350).
  • TTerm 3270 - host connectivity for IBM hosts requiring a 3270 terminals.
  • TTerm 5250 - host connectivity for IBM AS/400 (iSeries) hosts.
  • TTerm Pro - support for 80+ terminals including all those listed above plus many more such as Stratus, Tandem (HP Nonstop) and Televideo.

Visit the TTerm for iPad® product page for full specifications and a list of supported terminals.

TTerm for iPad® is a range of comprehensive enterprise grade terminal emulation apps for iPad device.

Built with the robust and proven emulations that our Windows products are renowned for, TTerm for iPad is a cost-effective investment for businesses looking for an iPad-compatible terminal emulator.

For product information and technical specifications, visit the TTerm for iPad product page or find us on the App Store!