Today we're pleased to announce the release of version 1.1.0 of our terminal emulator TTerm for iPad®. Version 1.1.0 offers many new features and a number of improvements based on user feedback and requests. Read on for some highlights:

Enhanced Bluetooth Keyboard Support and Keyboard Mapping - New features in Apples iOS 7 release let us to make better use of bluetooth keyboards, allowing TTerm to access more of the keyboard such as ESC and ATL, OPTION and CTRL key combinations and to remap bluetooth keys to suit your preferences. Available in iOS7 only.

New Security Access Settings – Access Settings are designed to allow users and administrators to lock down devices. There are several levels of access offering protection for saved Username and Password credentials should your iPad become lost or fall into the wrong hands or a complete lock down of the editing, import/export and new connection features of TTerm. This last mode if particular useful when preconfiguring an iPad on behalf of non-privileged or non-technical users.

 TTerm 1.1.0 offers many new features.
TTerm 1.1.0 offers many new features and a number of improvements based on user feedback and requests.

Device Configuration Export and Import – Administrators looking to mass configure and deploy TTerm in a school, business or institution can now make use of the expanded import and export settings which enable easy configuration and distribution to multiple devices through iTunes, the Apple Configurator and/or other Mobile Distribution Management software.

HP NS/VT Protocol– The inclusion of Hewlett Packards Network Services / Virtual Terminal Protocol allows TTerm to connect to  HP3000 systems using the native protocol. Available in TTerm Pro .

Terminal Copy and Paste by Region or by Line – mark and copy terminal content line by line or select by region. Paste the clipboard directly into the terminal. Copying, selecting and pasting have also been added as hotspot functions, allowing users to tie these actions to buttons.

iOS7 Interface – an updated interface for iOS7.

Plus numerous other smaller improvements and fixes. For a full list of features and specification visit www.ttwin.com/products-tterm.

About TTerm for iPad

TTerm for iPad is Turbosoft's range of Terminal Emulator Apps for iPad. Supporting a wide range of terminals, TTerm for iPad delivers multiple session capability, custom on screen keyboards, support for wireless keyboards and keyboard mapping, custom hotspots for touch interaction and more. At the core of TTerm are our emulations, the very same emulations that have been tried and tested over many years as part of our flagship Windows product TTWin 4, you're guaranteed that TTerm's emulations are mature and robust.

Like TTWin, TTerm for iPad is split into a number of Apps differing only in the terminals supported by each. Choose from specialist IBM 3270 and IBM 5250 apps, *nix connectivity Apps or the Pro version for the broadest terminal coverage.

  • TTerm - specializing in host connectivity for Unix hosts over SSH and telnet.
  • TTerm Plus - all the terminals of TTerm with additional support for ADM 11, AIX terminals (IBM 3101, 3151, 3164 color) and Wyse terminals (Wyse 50+, Wyse 60 and Wyse 350).
  • TTerm 3270 - host connectivity for IBM hosts requiring a 3270 terminals.
  • TTerm 5250 - host connectivity for IBM AS/400 (iSeries) hosts.
  • TTerm Pro - support for 80+ terminals including all those listed above plus many more such as Stratus, Tandem (HP Nonstop) and Televideo.

TTerm 1.1 Apps are available now on the App Store starting from just USD $9.99.

TTerm for iPad® is a range of comprehensive enterprise grade terminal emulation apps for iPad device.

Built with the robust and proven emulations that our Windows products are renowned for, TTerm for iPad is a cost-effective investment for businesses looking for an iPad-compatible terminal emulator.

For product information and technical specifications, visit the TTerm for iPad product page or find us on the App Store!