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Repurposing PCs and devices has extended the life of some systems.img:nikcname-flickr, CC 2.0 (https://www.flickr.com/photos/nikcname/16683218228)

In recent times Turbosoft has seen a steady rise in device repurposing, that is, extending the life of old and sometimes outdated hardware by using devices in different ways.

In the case of desktop PC’s, with the ever-increasing resource demands of both the operating system and applications, the life-cycle of the device can be short in relative terms. To cope with these increased processing demands, many organizations look to turn over their PC’s in a three to five year period. Whilst this is great from a productivity point of view, it’s a large cost both financially and to the environment with the need to dispose of old equipment.

That’s where PC repurposing becomes a cost effective option, especially for large organizations who have different groups of users with different needs. While a graphic artist in the marketing department may have the need for a new and powerful device that will allow for multiple resource hungry design and video editing type applications, there are also users in production who have a need to connect to the IBM iSeries midrange computer using a TN5250 terminal emulation product and that is where a repurposed PC becomes a very attractive option.

In many ways, repurposing PCs and devices has extended the life of some systems. Where organizations were looking to end-of-life their host system, they are now looking at it in a new light as the cost of maintaining the host system is significantly less than the cost of replacing the older PC’s.

Ideal for Lightweight Devices

In the case of TTerm Connect , Turbosoft’s web based terminal emulator, there is zero client side install. All of the required components are installed on a web server and end users connect via any modern browser that supports HTML5 such as Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox etc. Through the installation of low cost light operating systems, users can easily access host systems securely with the same if not better performance of what they were used to on the PC.

Regardless of the type of host system that the end user needs to connect to, all of the processing for the host application happens on the mainframe or mini computer whilst all of the components to securely connect to the host system from the device are handled on the TTerm Connect server. The repurposed device requires no more than an operating system and a web browser.

As a result of this centralized processing, users can connect to numerous different systems such as Stratus VOS, IBM zSeries, IBM RISC or even HP Non-stop systems with repurposed devices. In fact, TTerm Connect supports more than 80 different terminal emulations allowing you to connect to all hosts from one product.

TTerm Connect is Turbosoft's web based terminal emulator.

Built on common web technologies such as HTML5, CSS and Javascript, TTerm Connect requires no desktop software installation or management and is able to provide terminal emulation services regardless of platform.

For product information, free trial software and technical specifications, visit the TTerm Connect product page.