More businesses are shifting to the cloud than ever before, enjoying a myriad of benefits, from costs savings and ease of management to disaster recovery and scalability. Many applications too have already found their way onto the cloud including Terminal Emulators. The need to access host systems not decreased, and whether it is the block mode TN 3270, 5250 or 3151/3164 for IBM host access or the equally common Wyse 60 and VT220 systems so widely used for character mode access, in TTerm Connect Turbosoft can provide the solution.

While there have been challenges in ensuring the effectiveness of host access using the cloud the current generation products like our web based terminal emulator TTerm Connect have dealt with these very well. Out of the box TTerm Connect can access the widest range of host systems of any Terminal emulator. No matter what host needs to be accessed, be it Unix/ Linux, IBM Mainframe or Midrange, DG, Stratus, ICL HP NonStop - TTerm Connect covers it.

Cloud based terminal emulation offers several benefits over native desktop equivalents.

Working Remotely

The trend towards users working remotely is also continuing and brings great benefits to the organization. Cloud based Terminal Emulation is an essential part of the solution that keeps the remote user productive. By using cloud based tools the remote user can not only be as effective as he or she was when operating from the office, but they are longer limited in where they work, or even the times during which the work happens.

Cost Savings

Organizations are constantly looking at ways to reduce costs. Desktop systems represent a large investment and present an opportunity for cost reduction. Unfortunately getting the benefits of a different desktop brings with it disruption. Cloud based applications offer the opportunity to dramatically reduce the cost of the desktop without the loss of productivity and with minimal disruption. Thin client desktops, even for large applications, are a good solution with very significant savings.


For organizations running a mix of desktops and devices and those allowing staff to bring their own devices cloud based applications make access easy. A web based terminal emulator can be run on hand help devices, desktops, laptops, tablets on any operating system or devices that sports a web browser.

Centralized Deployment, Management

Deployment and user management can now be done centrally, greatly reducing the cost of this while at the same time improving control. Since there is no longer the need to install on the desktop, as soon as the Emulation Server is updated, the benefits are immediately available to the users.

In configuration too, centralized management makes the task of connecting users and user groups to their respective host systems easy. Updating host particulars and deploying connection configurations across the userbase is a simple task on a cloud based application.

License Monitoring

Usage statistics are also always current and the administrator has much tighter control over the number of licenses in use. In user counts which were often missed are now highly visible and allow for a timely adjustment of the license size, minimizing the likelihood of being under or over licensed and ensuring the organization pays only for the licenses they need.


Terminal Emulation in the cloud also enhances security, the ability to add a layer of access protection between the host and the end user further decreases the likelihood of compromise. Also the impact of infected desktops on the organization is dramatically reduced since applications operate in the cloud and are insulated from the desktop.

While it is still essential that security procedures are in place to minimize the likelihood of a desktop being compromised, Cloud applications introduce highly desirable additional layers of protection.


Keeping staff productive as the organization evolves is critical to ensuring costs stay low while the core business goes on. The fact that access to host systems through cloud Terminal Emulation uses the familiar interface offered by web browsers keeps staff within their comfort zone. Once connected to the host the screens are the same ones they were used to prior to the move to the cloud and they are back in the environment they are used to and productive in.

For the first time the move to the cloud brings with it great benefits without the disruption associated with significant changes to the corporate IT structure. The trend to remote workers and the ever increasing need to improve security while at the same time reducing operational costs and optimizing licenses makes cloud based applications the essential next step.

TTerm Connect is Turbosoft's web based terminal emulator.

Built on common web technologies such as HTML5, CSS and Javascript, TTerm Connect requires no desktop software installation or management and is able to provide terminal emulation services regardless of platform.

For product information, free trial software and technical specifications, visit the TTerm Connect product page.