Embedded devices are those used for specialized commercial or industrial applications. Point-of-sale terminals, industrial controllers and mobile scanners are some examples of embedded devices. These devices typically have a narrow function, with limited computing power and power demand. Commercial and industrial functions sometimes involve the need to connect with other terminals on an embedded device, and so Turbosoft has a terminal emulation program, TTWinCE, which is designed for Windows CE.

Features and Tools 

Many of the features and tools available in TTWinCE are the same as those of Turbosoft’s main terminal emulation program, TTWin, so users with familiarity with TTWin will be able to recognize some of the features in TTWinCE. TTWinCE offers the same exceptionally high standard of accuracy and quality as TTWin does.

Widest Range of Terminal Coverage

TTWinCE is the leading terminal emulator on the market with respect to terminal coverage. It fully supports more than 80 different terminals so that a single Windows CE device can be used to access all hosts.

Direct Connection and Multiple Sessions

TTWinCE provides direct connection from the embedded device to the host system and supports multiple sessions to be run simultaneously.

Hotspot and Screen Panning

As many embedded systems touchscreens, TTWinCE has been designed to facilitate touch screen usage. Users can designate specific hot spots on the screen to be associated with certain actions. The program also supports screen panning so that graphics and text are displayed properly regardless of screen resolution and size.


TTWinCE allows fonts to be changed and font sized to be adjusted to support better readability on different types of screens. Full configuration of colors is also available, while physical keys and keyboards can be mapped to emulation keys, macros or strings, allowing for greater personalisation. Other configurable elements include link configurations and attribute mapping. Finally, TTWinCE is designed to support any in-built scanners that your device may have.

Security and Automation

TTWinCE has several security tools that can help organizations manage usage. A configuration password can be set up to prevent non-administrators from accidentally changing the configuration settings.

Additionally, the program can be set up to run only in full-screen mode, so users cannot access other applications on the device. TTWinCE can also be set up to start up and connect to host when the device is switched on.

Leading Technology

TTWinCE is built upon more than two decades of knowledge and experience. Turbosoft has been building and refining terminal emulation software since 1993, and TTWinCE reflects the same levels of excellence that Turbosoft’s flagship product TTWin embodies.

Supported Operating Systems

TTWinCE supports Windows CE 4.0 and above, and Windows Mobile 2003 and above.

Terminals Emulated

TTWinCE can be used to emulate more than 80 different types of terminals. These include various versions of DEC, IBM 5250, Quantum QNX, Wyse, ADDS, and ANSI terminals. TTWinCE’s terminal emulations are the most reliable and accurate of all those on the market.