TTWeb is Turbosoft’s web-to-host terminal emulation solution that supports host connections through a web browser or as a standalone solution. The single product providers over 80 emulations, automatic updates, and terminal configuration. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about TTWeb.

 TTWeb is no longer supported

Turbosoft’s web deployable terminal emulator TTWeb has been retired and is no longer offered. Users looking for a web-to-host terminal emulation solution should look to our new HTML5 based, centrally managed terminal emulator for enterprise, TTerm Connect .

Does Turbosoft Offer Customized Versions of TTWeb?

Turbosoft can build customized versions of TTWeb to meet your business requirements. Please contact your sales representative or our sales team directly for more information.

What Is the Download Size of TTWeb?

The first download will usually be less than 3MB, and this initial download includes supporting files. Latter connections are typically less than 200KB in size, as these include only the configuration files. If a new emulation is downloaded, the file size will be a little larger, but generally the download requirements are low. Hence, the demand on user’s server is relatively low.

Can TTWeb Be Used With the Apache Web Server

Yes, TTWeb can be used with Apache on Windows or Linux. To use TTWeb on a Linux server, please first install TTWeb on a Windows PC. This does not need to be a server. Once the program has been downloaded, installed, and configured, you may simply copy the TTWeb directory tree up to your web server to start using it.

Can TTWeb Be Used With Firefox?

As Firefox does not yet support OCX controls natively and as TTWeb relies on an OCX control to display the emulation window, at this point Firefox cannot be used for TTWeb. This also applies to Google's Chrome browser.

Is Support Included With the Evaluation Version of TTWeb?

The evaluation version of TTWeb does come with included support for the evaluation period. You can contact Turbosoft through the support center if you have any questions during the evaluation period.

How Do I Resolve the ’Could Not Load TTWin Kernel DLL - ttw4gui.dll' Error?

Users may encounter this error message if they are using Windows Vista or Windows 7 and the TTWeb site used has not yet been added to the Trusted Zone. Follow these steps to resolve the issue:

 Resolve the 'Could not load TTWin kernel DLL - ttw4gui.dll' error
  • Start Internet Explorer and load your TTWeb. Choose the Tools icon and select Internet Options.
  • Choose the Security Tab and then choose the Trusted Sites Security Zone.
  • Click on the Sites Button. Find your URL in the Add this website to the zone box. Click the Add button.

This should resolve the issue. Note that if your website is using http instead of https, deselect the Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone item.

How Do I Resolve the 'Error in downloading or missing file: TTWFiles/vt220.dll' Error?

Users may encounter this error if they are running Microsoft IIS. The issues arises because the physical and virtual directories on the web server have the same name. To resolve the issue, please rename the virtual or physical directory.

If there are any further questions you have regarding TTWeb, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.