It doesn't have to be that way. In Turbosoft products, you'll find a range of mature terminal emulation solutions that are attractively priced and flexibly licensed.

If your requirements are short term, long term, site wide or individual - we have an option.

Switch from a Competitors Product and Save

  • Crossgrade and save up to 50%.Whether you need a single license or a global, company wide license, when you make the change from a competitors product you'll save up to 50% on the cost of Turbosoft's software.
  • We'll work with you. When you're ready to make the switch (or even if you're just evaluating!) we're here to ensure your transition is a smooth one. Turbosoft will work with you to convert configuration, script and macro settings from your existing terminal emulator.
  • Don't get gouged on maintenance! Maintenance protects your investment by providing access to all future versions of our software as well as priority, on call support and developer access for the duration of the contract.

    Our maintenance contacts are reasonably priced and offered annually or over multi-year periods at discounted rates. Maintenance is not a requirement, it's entirely optional.

Choose a Licensing Option that Fits Your Needs.

  • Standard, per installation licensing. Per seat, priced on a sliding scale for volume discounts.
  • Concurrent licensing. Cost effective for environments such as VDI, Citrix and Remote desktop services type environments. The total number of users at any one time must not exceed the total number of licenses held.
  • Subscription. Retiring or phasing out a legacy system? When a need is short term or it's known the user numbers will decline over a period of time subscription licensing offers low upfront costs and flexible periods.
  • Site wide licensing. Enterprise wide licensing, available on a local (country/region) or global basis.

Download a free trial today, or for more information and pricing options contact Turbosoft at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or freecall 1-800-519-9501 (North America).