Give your project the best chance of success. Turbosoft is proud to offer developers a simple, easy to implement tool for connecting your Windows application to your host system. TTWin Integrator provides powerful features and out of the box functionality developers are looking for, offering a highly customizable solution that fits your project vision and budget. Ideal for any application built within the .NET Framework, TTerm for .NET can be rapidly built into projects of every description.

Robust, Flexible and Easy to Deploy

Millions of professionals around the world rely on host systems every day to help them do their jobs, but all too frequently the process of accessing data on these systems is confusing and frustrating for laypeople. TTerm for .NET allows developers to streamline the process of accessing this data, helping them build native Windows applications with both accessible, modern UIs and strong, reliable connections to your host system.

Going beyond simple screen-scraping, TTerm for .NET provides developers with unparalleled control over the flow of data from your host system to the application. Combine data from multiple host systems into a single interface and set different levels of visibility for different data streams. With connections available via telnet, Secure Shell, Hewlett Packard’s NS/VT, and more, your C# application will work where you want it to. Choose TTerm for .NET and know that you’re providing precisely the experience your end-users want without compromising on the performance benefits of your host system.

Leaders in Terminal Emulator Technology

TTerm for .NET is just one of the solutions offered by Turbosoft. Developers of precision, high-accuracy terminal emulators for more than three decades, we deliver the features and performance our customers need to get more from their host systems. Our flagship product TTWin 4 offers more than 80 emulations including IBM 3270/5250 terminals, DEC VT series, and the Stratus family of devices, eliminating the need for multiple programs and providing access to a variety of host systems in a single, user-friendly interface.

No obligation, free evaluation copies of TTerm for .NET are available for download.

To learn more about the range of solutions from Turbosoft or to find out how we can help you migrate to our ecosystem, start a conversation with one of our team today.

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