TTerm Connect is Turbosoft’s browser based terminal emulator, it offers all the power and functionality of a desktop product, with the convenience and flexibility of a web browser. It also offers advantages for administrators and help desk staff that traditional desktop software can’t provide. In this article we look at some of the centralized monitoring and support tools built in to TTerm Connect’s Administrator portal.

Linux, Ubuntu, Gnome.
TTerm Connect's administrator dashboard.

The Dashboard

The dashboard is the default view in TTerm Connect’s administrator portal. Once the software is initially configured this is the place you, as an administrator will be spending much of your time. It provides a range of information on user activity, server performance and overall utilization.

Real Time Monitoring

Dashboard widgets provide simple, clear indicators on user activity. In this image the dashboard reports on the total number of active session, the number of users currently using the system and the number of services (or, more correctly an ‘emulation service’) currently running. Changes are automatically updated as they occur in real time and, for deeper visibility, each item can be clicked or tapped to show expanded details below.

tterm connect server load
Server load is distributed evenly among independent emulation services.
Server Utilisation

Emulation Services are TTerm Connect processes which provides host connectivity to your end users. Multiple services are run simultaneously in order to balance server loads and provide separate functionality from administration and configuration handling. The dashboard provides real time usage statistics and indicators, helping you determine if your hardware is performing as required. Turbosoft recommends a service host a maximum of 25 simultaneous sessions.

Active Sessions.
Active sessions belonging to registered users and guests.
Active Sessions

Beyond the simple sessions widget which lists the total number of active sessions and the total permitted by the current license, the Active Sessions table lists in depth information for each host session currently open and is searchable by user, group, profile (saved configuration), host and connection status.

An administrator views an end user session. A shadowed session can be expanded to full-screen.

Shadowing is a TTerm Connect feature that allows an administrator to view, interact with and end a user host session in real time. It’s a powerful tool for providing technical support to end users, gracefully closing abandoned sessions or simply as a management tool for observing user activity.

Shadowing a user session is a simple matter of selecting or searching for the session of interesting in the dashboard’s active sessions table.

A shadowed session shows you, the administrator, exactly what your end users sees and enables you to observe in real time. You may, if required, take control of the host session and input directly into the terminal.

Shadowing can assist help desk staff to guide an end user through a process or can be used to gracefully shut down an abandoned session.

Killing a Session

Whereas shadowing offers a way to graceful way to close an open host session 'Killing' a session, as the name suggests, is a little more brutal. Killing a session immediately closes the host connection and disconnects the end user from the host. Multiple sessions may be selected and closed in the one action.

Active Users

TTerm Connect provides user a group level access control and Active Directory/LDAP integration. A dashboard widget provides at a glance totals for user activity. The active users table provides a searchable list of active users as well as total session per user. If you have enabled guest user access, the guest username is shown as the email address the end user has self-identified with, or where the user is not asked to provide any detail whatsoever, a simple generated text string.

While You’re Away

TTerm Connect offers configurable email alerts to help you keep on top of your user terminal emulation activity.

For more information on browser based terminal emulation visit theTTerm Connect product page. To speak with a Turbosoft representative reach out to us via any of the details listed on our contacts page.

TTerm Connect is Turbosoft's web based terminal emulator.

Built on common web technologies such as HTML5, CSS and Javascript, TTerm Connect requires no desktop software installation or management and is able to provide terminal emulation services regardless of platform.

For product information, free trial software and technical specifications, visit the TTerm Connect product page.